Zauo Restaurant Meguro

Zauo Fishing Restaurant, Meguro

Zauo tankZauo fishing restaurant is definitely one to put on your Tokyo Bucket List. Catch your food, tell them how you want it prepared then eat! It`s a spot the entire family will enjoy.

We had an early dinner with friends at the Meguro location. We walked in and saw a long fish pool with elementary school aged kids fishing for their meal. We passed the kitchen and walked towards the back only to see another long pool filled with fish! The process is to grab a pole and a net, catch a fish, flag down the staff, tell them your table number and how you want your fish to be prepared; Sashimi, Sushi, Grilled/Boiled or Tempura (deep fried), wait to be served then eat! You can continue to fish while they prepare your first catch. No catch and release! They also give you the option to cook the fish in two ways (e.g. half sashimi – half grilled). If you`re unable to catch a fish you can order one off the menu. Note the price is lower if you catch your own fish. Side dishes are also available on their English menu. Everyone loved it!

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Zauo fishingZauo restaurant has locations all over Japan and three in Tokyo. Shinjuku is the most popular for company parties and visitors. Reservations recommended.

2019 Fishing List

Type of FishFishing Price + taxCooking Method
Top Shell380 yenSashimi / Grilled
Prawn380 yenSashimi / Grilled / Tempura / Breaded
Abalone680 yenSashimi / Grilled with salt / Sauteed with butter
Horse Mackerel880 yenSashimi / Minced raw / Grilled / Deep Fried / Breaded
* Sea Bream2950 yenSashimi / Grilled / Boiled / Deep Fried / Breaded / Sauteed with butter
* Flounder3550 yenSashimi / Grilled / Boiled / Deep Fried / Breaded / Sauteed with butter
* Yellow Jackvaries depending on sizeSashimi / Grilled / Boiled / Deep Fried / Breaded / Sauteed with butter
Spiny Lobstervaries depending on sizeSashimi / Grilled with salt / Grilled with mayonnaise

* Can cook 2 ways
** Additional fish not listed above.

Zauo Fishing Restaurant Details

Address: 2-27-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Sun Felista Meguro 5F (東京都品川区上大崎2-27-1 サンフェリスタ目黒5F)
Hours: Weekdays 17:00-23:00(L.O.22:00) Weekends and holidays 11:30-23:00(L.O.22:00)
Access: A 2 min walk from Meguro Station
Notes: Restrooms are located by the elevators. Diaper changing table is available. Floor, booth seating and private room seating.

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