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Zara Home Japan is one of my go to stores in Tokyo to help keep my house fresh and seasonal. Furniture is not easy to buy nor change out, but changing one’s bedding pattern or adding new throw pillows can breath new life into a room. Zara Home has about ten stores in the Tokyo-Kanto area which carry bedding, towels, cushions, candles, tableware and more. There is also the most adorable Zara Kids bedding and decor section if you are pregnant or have a little one. Honestly, visiting the kids section makes me want to have #5 (just joking). If you can not get to one of their stores, you can shop on the Zara Home Website that is in English and Japanese.

Zara Home Japan

I visited Zara Home this past Golden Week in Aoyama and fell in love with their new bedding patterns for Summer 2016. Now is the perfect time of the year to decorate the house with bright colors for the summer!  Freshen up!

Zara Home Japan
Zara Home Japan
Zara Home Japan
Ocean Blues
Zara Home Japan
Summer Whites









Any for the little ones in your life.

Zara Home Japan Zara Home Japan


They also have some great home accessories and tableware to summerize your living. Checkout this selection. Love!!

Sea Blue Glassware
Zara Home Japan, Best Living Japan
Summer Brunch
Beach and Picnic Items
Zara, Best Living Japan
Pretty Smells

Zara Home Japan DetailsBest Living Japan

three of the Tokyo stores (seven more on their website)

Aoyama Store: Rise 5-1-22, Minami Aoyama, Mintao-ku, Tokyo (5-1-22港区南青山, 港)
Futakotamagawa Store:  Rise 2, 1-14-1 Futakotamagawa, Tokyo (1-14-1, 玉川,  東京)
Toyosu Store: Lalaport Toyosu 2-4-9 Toyosu, Edo-ku, Tokyo ( 2-4-9, 東京都江東区豊洲 ららぽーと豊洲1F・2F)

Store locator in English
Online website in English (free shipping over 15,000 in Japan):

Zara Home JapanZara Home Japan

If you lover Zara and good smells, try taking your kids to Lush Party in Shinjuku to make your own bathbombs. 


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