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Yuka’s Japanese Cooking, Kyodo

Yuka's Japanese Cooking (Kyodo, Tokyo) BestLivingJapan I attended a class at Yuka’s Japanese Cooking to experience at-home cooking. The class I took was called “Japanese home meal meat”. One of my personal goals, this year is to learn how to cook Japanese food properly. To find the right school for me I tried out Yuka’s Japanese Cooking. You can also read about my experiences at Buddha Bellies Cooking School and Tokyo Kitchen Japanese Cooking Class.  Hope you enjoy my adventure and find the information helpful. If you have a class or school to recommend, please let me know. Itadakimasu! Lauren

Yuka’s Japanese Cooking

Yuka, owner and sensei, met the group at the main exit of Kyodo station a few stops from Shinjuku. There were four people in the class, including me, and all were staying in Shinjuku. Yuka began by taking the groupYuka's Japanese Cooking (Kyodo, Tokyo) BestLivingJapanshopping at the local supermarket for the main ingredients of the day. Shopping seemed to be a great part of the class since most students were visitors and had not shopped in a Japanese supermarket. After shopping, we all waited to take a public bus to the Yuka’s home cooking studio. The total wait and bus ride was about 15-20 minutes. Yuka’s Japanese Cooking home studio is a short 1-minute walk from the bus stop. Yuka’s apartment is spotless, but the actual workspace is quite small for four students. Unlike other classes, I have attended you take turns helping with the cooking due to the counter-space being limited. However, cooking at Yuka’s was quite intimate, and you understood what a typical Japanese home kitchen would look like (except for the impeccable cleanliness). Yuka began by serving the group tea and taking us through the menu for the day. The recipes included Japanese fried chicken, sesame green beans, Japanese omelette, miso soup and also a mochi dessert. The recipes are all very typical in Japanese homes and my kids love all the dishes, so I was excited to learn.

ThYuka's Japanese Cooking (Kyodo, Tokyo) BestLivingJapane main dish was Japanese fried chicken; a first for me to make. It was very easy, and I have repeated the recipe two times at home with rave reviews! The green beans slightly blanched with sesame and soy mixture were also very simple to whip up quickly. The most time and detail went into preparing the dashi (base liquid for the soup and the omelette). It was great to get Yuka’s expert advice on how to make natural dashi from scratch. The Japanese omelette folding technique was a bit difficult to master, but Yuka taught us some tricks to get the perfect look! The final touch was the mochi dessert with kinoko (soybean sugar topping) which was simple to make and quite fun! Yuka is incredibly organised and has ordered and timed the steps of each recipe to complete within one hour or so. Since she has a background as a cook at a macrobiotic restaurant, she knows a lot about the ingredients in pre-made/bottled sauces – the good and the bad. I found her knowledge about health foods very unique and know it will be appreciated by many people.   After cooking, we all sat down and enjoyed a delcious lunch!

Yuka also offers Japanese cooking at your home. She will go to your local supermarket with you before the class. Contact her for details on cooking at your home.

Yuka’s class was very helpful to improve my base cooking knowledge,  and I will use all of the recipes I learned at least once a month! If you want a true at home cooking experience than Yuka’s class is perfect.

Yuka's Japanese Cooking (Kyodo, Tokyo) BestLivingJapanDifferentiators:  Experience cooking in a clean and well organised Japanese apartment.  Deep knowledge of ingredients specifically natural, organic and macrobiotic. Fluent English.

Possible improvements: The commute from Kyodo station on the bus is a bit far. Having a bit more prep space and letting everyone prepare simultaneously would be good.

Repeated the recipes at home with good results!

Yuka's Japanese Cooking (Kyodo, Tokyo) BestLivingJapan
Making Japanese Fried Chicken


Yuka's Japanese Cooking (Kyodo, Tokyo) BestLivingJapan
Jiii enjoying dinner1
Yuka's Japanese Cooking (Kyodo, Tokyo) BestLivingJapan
Japanese Green Beans and Fried Chicken







Yuka’s Japanese Cooking Details 

Address: Kyodo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 080-4134-3211
Email contact: mail@yucharism.com
Classes offered: 7 classes; Japanese home-meal fish, Japanese home-meal meat, Healthy Bento Box (veg offered), Home Party Crispy Tempura (veg offered), Home party sushi, Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba, Japanese sweets
Class times: Lessons begin at 10:00 and end around 13:00-13:00
Cost: The cost of classes is 7,500 yen (tax included); sweets class is 6,500 yen.
Access: 15 mins (bus) from Kyodo station on the Odakyo line  (leaves from Shinjuku station).
Website: http://yjc.tokyo/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YUCasJapaneseCooking/

Yuka Togami, The teacher

About the Instructor ( contents below from the Yuka’s Japanese Cooking website)
Yuka Togami is a Japanese Food Creator whose main focus is the Macrobiotics and Fermented food. Coming from a family of farmers, she grew up consuming local grown food in Fukushima. She learned cooking from family and also on her own by attending various cuisine classes and working at a Fermented food cuisine & Vegetarian cuisine restaurants. Currently offers Japanese cooking classes in Tokyo for guests from all over the world while creating more recipes. [Certified Qualification] Food Education Specialist and Teaching of Japanese Calligraphy.


Yuka’s Japanese Cooking



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