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WINConference Tokyo

WINConference Tokyo, May 19 & 20, 2016 – Sign Up!

May 19th and 20th the 5th annual WINConference (Women’s International Networking) will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Whether you are a corporate player, entrepreneur, educator, NGO leader or in a work hiatus this two-day conference is an amazing networking and motivational event.

The WIN organization holds annual conferences around the world uniting women and some men on important movements and learning.

Read more about their organization here.  

Japan is near a tipping WINConference Tokyopoint when it comes to women, work-life balance and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  This year we expect an increased presence of participants from nearby Asian countries and the event is gaining in presence in the entire region. It is an important time to connect with dynamic women and men conscious of these issues. It is important to connect as our authentic selves in a global setting and in cooperation. The overall vision is to develop, promote, inspire and model a feminine, global and authentic leader. And to remember that each and every one of us holds tremendous power that is exponentially grown when linked together with others. It is in the spirit of collaboration and global understanding that we meet to look at how to shape the future by taking the next step, a future that will benefit everyone. The WINConference Tokyo gives you the inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and the network of support to help you succeed and prepare for the futureWINConference Tokyo

***This event will be conducted in English with simultaneous translation in Japanese.***

Why you should become a part of WINConference Tokyo

  • This event will provide you with inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and contacts to help you succeed and prepare for the future. It will help you lead the way and support others that do so too. It will inspire you and accompany you on your journey as an integrated feminine, authentic and global leader.
  • Becoming a part of the WINConference Tokyo also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself into an exchange of best practices with companies embracing diversity, initiating inclusive cultures and where you can find women leading the way. 
  • WIN’s inspiring plenary sessions, interactive workshops and mindful networking ensures that everyone grows.

We ask: who are the individuals and organizations leading the way with purpose, creating work places with meaning and developing societies where everyone has the freedom of choice in a world in which we all flourish? We also look at how and why you are called to step up and lead the way or actively support those who do?

Join to:

  • Become updated on the emerging global trends and the new global context. 
  • on new trends and changes in the world
  • Discover how women and companies can collaborate to lead a gender based work agenda towards a thriving future in Japan and the world
  • Explore how organizations and individuals lead the way in creating the future
  • Learn how to find possibilities which enable companies, employees, clients and society to grow in a sustainable way.
  • Become the inspiration and noble agent of possibility that we each need to become
  • Learn how to accelerate your journey, create optimal work-life balance, develop skills, increase confidence and become a global, authentic      and feminine leader

We invite both organizations and individuals to look at how to accelerate this journey, create an optimum work-life balance, enrich our skills, boost our confidence and grow into feminine, authentic and global leaders.

When:  19 & 20 (half day) May 2016, (19th 8:00 – 18:30, with cocktails and dinner after for additional cost) (20th 8:30  – 12:30)

Where: Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

What:   A global leadership conference of plenary sessions, workshops, working forums, a networking lunch and dinner connecting you to ideas, energy and people.  Details of Agenda viewable here. 

Why:     Join to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to share, to create and co-create, to contribute and to connect with ideas, yourself and other outstanding leaders from Japan and the rest of the world.

Who:    Women and men in senior and middle management, consultants, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, politicians, artists, all longing for a positive change in their world, work and life…. YOU!

Cost: is 59,000 yen and includes 5 Outstanding Plenaries, 2 Learning Workshop series, 2 Coffee Breaks, 1 Networking Buffet Lunch, Conference Learning Materials and coffee break (Friday May 19).

Sign up today!  Register online here. 

WINConference Tokyo

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