Typhoon Preparation in Japan – Info and Actions

As long-term residents of Japan we have lived through many typhoons. Here are our recommendations for Typhoon Preparation in Japan with many easy things you can do to prepare, and some fun things to do to keep safe and happy. .

What is a Typhoon? “A tropical cyclone is a generic term used by meteorologists to describe a rotating, organised system of clouds and thunderstorms that originates over tropical or subtropical waters and has closed, low-level circulation.” – National Ocean Service. A typhoon, hurricane and cyclone are all the same weather movements but are called different worlds due to location. Winds must be over 64 kt (knots) to be denied as a typhoon/hurricane internationally, although in Japan winds of 33-64 kt is called a typhoon. Typhoons “season” in Japan is typically July – October.

Typhoon Preparation in Japan - Easy Things To Do Today

  • Have enough Food & Water for two days
  • Have canned and packaged foods for two days (buy food which can be opened by hand)
  • Charge all your devices (Phones / iPad / game consoles / flashlights)
  • Clear your balcony / tie down items that can fly in the wind
  • Make a batch of rice. Easy go to for quick onigiris.
  • Fill Bath with Clean Water
  • Fill your car’s gas tank
  • Program into your radio or write down the English-speaking radio broadcasts that include Inter FM (76.1FM Tokyo, 76.5FM Yokohama), Eagle (810AM) and the bilingual format of NHK (693AM).
  • Visit the Japan Meteorological Agency or NHK online for updates.
  • Check the Japan Safe Travel TWITTER feed for Travel Updates

What to do when the Typhoon is close to your home

  • Stay indoors. It is not worth the risk of going out to get last minute items
  • Close Windows and Curtains
  • Have Typhoon Day Activities on hand. See some recommendations below
  • Keep track of the typhoon at the Japan Meteorological Agency
  • Don’t worry, just be prepared

Rainy Day Activities - Stuck at home and kids climbing the walls?

Colder temperatures and blowing rain makes for perfect family cuddle time.

25 Activities to Survive the rainy days as a Happy Family

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1. Make a Rainy Day Box stocked with favorite puzzles, mazes, crossword puzzles, word finds, interactive “I Spy” type picture books, and little toys to play with.

2. Read and act out your family books. We love – Where the Wild Things Are and The Gruffalo

Decorated Umbrella3. Decorate an umbrella – great to prevent kids from losing theirs.

4. Washi Tape City – Do you have a lot of washi tape or masking tape around the house? The tape outlines the streets that can go every which way. Let the kids make a city on the floor and furniture for their cars to drive.

5. Play board games that take forever, like Monopoly, Life, and Rummikub. Playing by candlelight or flashlights almost adds an eliminate of fun during stormy weather.

6. Measure the rain. Put some tall containers outside and measure the amount of rain that each one catches as the store passes.

7. Long Card Games – Time to teach the kids to play more card games besides Go Fish, War, and Crazy Eights. Hearts, Spades, Rummy take more time and thought.

8. Make Moon Sand – Moon Sand is cool sensory change to play dough. Easy to make with just flour, cornstart and corn oil. Whip up a bunch and let the kids play – add essentional oils such as mint or lavender to make it even more enjoyable. Once done playing just put in a plastic zip bag and it can last for 2-3 months. Details at wiki how.

9. Make a Japan silhouette to hang on your wall.

10. Have the Kids Make a Home Video – Great time to interview your kids about Snow Days in Tokyo. Capture their feedback on why they Love Tokyo Snow Day.  Post on social media to share with family and friends.

11. Make a blanket fort. Forget about the mess and let your kids have some fun.

12. Make a big pot of Nikujaga.

13. Play charades with a theme (animals, famous people, movies, songs, etc.)

14. Do origami. You can find good instructions here.

15. Bake Halloween Cookies.

16. Make your Halloween costumes.

17. Update your earthquake kits.  (add warm clothing for Oct- March)

18. Learn to sew on a button or even something more complicated.

19. Do “100 yen jobs” around the house (ask to sweep & mop floors, clean all windows, dust all baseboards).

20. Have an indoor relay race (Cotton balls on spoons, jumping with a ball and more ideas here.).

21. Create your own Lego creations. Here are some fun Lego Building Projects for Kids.

22. Warm up with a bubble bath. Kids will want to soak in the tub with their toys for hours.

23. Have an indoor treasure hunt. Make it educational by hiding letters or words around the house. Younger kids can search for letters and spell names or the alphabet. Older kids can piece together words to form sentences.

24. Have an indoor picnic. Roll out the blankets and have a cozy picnic in your living room. Kids love making the bento or sandwiches.

25. Family Nap! 

Get out the old photos, magazines and some paper and glue and pens and have a collage-making session. Here are some great Collage Art Ideas for Kids.

Typhoon Preparation in Japan - Easy Things To Do Today

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