Tsukuihama Tourist Farm (Yokosuka, Kanagawa) – Sweet Potato digging and Mikan picking

Sweet Potato digging farmLate October – November is a great time to visit the Tsukuihama Tourist Farm (津久井浜観光農園) in Yokosuka. You can dig for sweet potatoes then pick mikans all in one trip! The farm also offers strawberry picking from January to May and potato digging from May to June. Sweet potato season starts from September to November; mikan picking from October to November.

Sweet Potato smallWe visited the farm this past weekend. We packed the car and left home at 9:30am. It took a little over an hour to get to the farm. We parked in their free lot, walked down to the sweet potato digging area, paid 950 yen for a plastic bag (this is to put your sweet potatoes in) then walked to a man who planted stakes/tall plastic sticks to mark our digging area. We then started digging! We carried our pile back to our car after we dug up all our sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato bucket washThere are water filled buckets you can use to wash your hands in the parking lot or you can use the toilets behind the Tsukuihama building across the street. There are two stalls per restroom which are small and narrow. The restrooms do not have diaper changing tables.

Items to take to dig sweet potatoes:
– Hat
– Gloves
– Shovel
Sweet Potato finish– Comfortable clothes you don`t mind getting dirty in.
– A bag for dirty gloves.
– Many families wore rain boots. We wore sneakers. I recommend wearing rain boots. They`re easier to clean.

We took the sweet potatoes home and roasted them right away. If you decide to go sweet potato digging, here are some great Japanese sweet potato recipes to enjoy with your family!

All-you-can-eat Mikan picking

Tsukuihama Tourist Farm Mikan kidsAfter sweet potato digging we hopped in the car and drove about 3 minutes to the Mikan Picking area (there are signs directing you to the area). Mikan picking is 450 yen from 3 yrs to elementary and 650 yen for elementary and up. Children under 3 years are free. We parked in their free lot, paid the entrance fee and received a numbered ticket for the lot to pick our mikans. Once we got to Mikan mapour lot they handed us a green basket and red sheers. We then searched for ripe mikans (some were still green), cut the stems with the sheers, peeled then ate. We filled our green basket with mikans (charged by weight) to take home.
– Take wet tissues. Eating Mikans can get sticky.
– Carry a small plastic bag for the wet tissues. Discarded mikan peels go on the ground. Other trash needs to be taken home with you.
– Keep an eye on your little ones. The terrain off the main walkway is uneven.

Definitely an outing our kids loved.

Tsukuihama Tourist Farm Mikan pruningAdditional Sweet Potato Digging Farms


Tsukuihama Tourist Farm Details

Sweet Potato Season: September 12 – November 8
Mikan Season: October 20 – Mid November
Hours: Daily 9:00 – 15:00
Address: 5-15-20 Tsukui, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, (神奈川県横須賀市津久井5-15-20)
Phone: 046-849-5001
Access: A 20-min walk from Keikyu Tsukuihama Station. A free station shuttle bus is available to and from the farm Sat, Sun & Holidays from September 12 – October 19 and daily from October 20 – November 30.
Website: http://www.jakanagawa.gr.jp/yokosuka-hayama/kanko/top.html
Parking: Free. 100 cars max

Tsukuihama Tourist Farm Mikan trees Mikan road Mikan finish Tsukuihama Tourist Farm Mikan fieldsMikan picking shears


Sweet Potato digging and Mikan picking at Tsukuihama Tourist Farm


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