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Tokyo Mud Parks

Tokyo “Mud Parks”

I grew up on a farm with constant outdoor action, so when I heard about “mud parks” in Tokyo, I was thrilled. Here are our top Tokyo “Mud Parks” – Where Kids Play Dirty! If you have other similar parks to add, please comment below we are always looking for hands-on dirty parks to dig, build and burn. Due to all the rain the past few weeks, the ground is perfect for a messy and muddy experience. We recommend wearing old clothes and having extras to change into after the fun ends.

Top Tokyo “Mud Parks” – Where Kids Play Dirty!

#1. Haru no Ogawa Play Park (near Yoyogi Staton on the Chiyoda Line) For double fun rent and ride bikes in Yoyogi Park 

Mud Park (Haru no Ogawa Play Park), Yoyogi – Where Getting Dirty is Expected!

#2. Hanegi Park  (5 min walk from Umegaoka Station on the Odakyu Line, and 7 mins from Higashi Matsubara Station on the Inokashira Line)

In February and March you can also enjoy the lovely Plum and Cherry Blossoms.

Hanegi Park, Setagaya-Ku – Three Super Fun Experiences in One Park

#3. Setagaya Play Park  (14 min walk from Ikejiri-Ohashi Station)

Setagaya Play Park, Ikejiri – Where Kids Build Fires, Saw Wood and Take Risks

#4. Shinagawa Children’s Adventure Park (Shinagawa -ku)

Shinagawa Children’s Park

Have Fun!

Top Tokyo “Mud Parks” – Where Kids Play Dirty!



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