Top Gifts from Japan

Top Ten Gift From Japan

Here are our top 10 gifts from Japan to give your friends and family. Although I love Japanese senbei (rice crackers), wagashi (Japanese sweets), Matcha and Origami I know my family and friends do not want to receive those items for their holiday gifts anymore. The gifts below are all Japan made and items that can be used every day in Japan or overseas. All recommended gifts are available to ship today from Amazon Japan.

If you prefer to shop offline, checkout our recommend list of the best Japanese gift stores in Tokyo and our favorite Tokyo Stores. 


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Top Ten Gift From Japan – Made in Japan Great Gifts

Imabari towels, top 10 gifts from Japan Imabari Face Towels 4 Set (approximately 1,800 JPY) – The highest quality and most famous luxury towel maker offers this wonderful set for four face towels. The set of face towels come in various colors and designs, and stay soft for years!  Size 32×79cm, weight: 75g; 100% cotton and Made in Japan.


Daruma glases, top 10 gifts from japan



Daruma Glasses (approximately 1,800 JPY per glass) – These Daruma glasses will be conversation starters at any party. Great for New Year events, and to remind you all year long about setting and going after your goals while enjoying a cocktail.



Global Knife Set (approximately 17,000 JPY) – The best Japanese knife set sold in Japan. Used by the top chefs and cooking schools. These knives will last a lifetime. Easy to wash and care. Two knives 31cm and 26 cm with a sharpening stone. You only need these two knives.


Yuzu bath salts



Yuzu Bath Salts (approximately 600 JPY) – These citrus bath salts will transport one back to the warm loving memories f Japan.The box contains 20 packages of salts to pour into your warm bath.If you want more smells,  here is a set with more variety of Japanese septs for 3,000

******Top Ten Gift From Japan – Made in Japan Great Gifts



Kokeshi Obento Sets (approximately 2,000 JPY) – The cutest bento sets that are available in a variety of Kokeshi and Samurai designs. Contains two dishes and one soup bowl. Can be microwaved, but recommend hand washing.




Solid Metal Tool Box (apprioxiamtely 1,300 JPY) – These tool boxes, made in Japan, have won the Good Design award in Japan. They are super sturdy and will last a life time for tools or items to keep safe. Available in black,  red, blue and silver.  35.9 x 15 x 12.4 cm



Sake 5 Bottle Sampler Set (approximately 3,500 JPY)

If you have a Japanese foodie on your gift, list this is perfect. All five bottles are award winning sakes from Nigata prefecture (the number one Sake producing prefecture in Japan). Each bottle contains 300 ML of sake. Safely package to transport in your suitcase; 3.3 kilos.


Tengui Frame and Tenguis (approximately 10,000 JPY) – A great gift for someone who loves Japanese design and seasons. Gift this frame and a few seasonal tengui (Japanese long fabrics) to allow the receiver to switch out througout the year. We have one in our house that we change the design each month. Each tengui is usually 800 – 1,500 yen. Fame is 84 X 34 cms (standard tengui size. Frame comes in study cardboard box for transport.

******Top Ten Gift From Japan – Made in Japan Great Gifts

Large Japanese Solid Wood Chopping Board with Stand (approximately 3,600 JPY) – L: This solid wood chopping board is the one I have used over three years and it is in great shape. It comes in small, medium and large size 48×29×1.5cm.




Winter Japanese Lounge Jacket (approximately 5,000 JPY) – This quilted Japanese hanten is so cozy in the cold months. Great for anyone who keeps their heat low in the house, but likes to curl up and read books. Everyone in our family has one of these! Show the one you love that you want them to be toasty warm. Men’s hanten / Women’s hanten / Kids hanten



**********************Top Ten Gift From Japan – Made in Japan Great Gifts

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