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Top 2016 Calendars

It is that time of the year to buy your 2016 calendar; to help here are Best Living Japan’s top recommended 2016 calendars. Although most people are now using calendars maps on handheld devices and PCs, it is always a good idea to have a master family paper calendar to have a back-up. We prefer to have a Japanese calendar and mark with foreign and school holidays.  If you have not ordered your 2016 here are some great ones you can get in the next day or so from Amazon.co.jp.

Top Recommended 2016 Calendars

#1 Japan Power Spots – The photos on this calendar of Japan power spots are beautiful. You can track you year while being inspired to travel to some magnificent locations in Japan. A great home decorating items for about 1,300 yen. Measurements of the 2016 Japan power spot calendar is 26 x 34 cm.

#2. Big, Plain but Practical – Great for families with many commitments, one of the largest calendars available in Japan measuring 85 x 60 cm for about 2,000 yen. Great calendar if you want a large wall calendar that everyone can access. I personally also like having prior month and next month on the same page. No excuses that the kids could not find the calendar.

#3. Place To Visit Before I Pass – I had a similar calendar to this a few years ago, and it reminded me that there are still so many places to go in my life. Beautiful photos of amazing global destinations. For Japanese readers, it has details on the location, a recommended one-week itinerary to visit and approximately how much it will cost to visit from Japan. The calendar is approximately 1,600 yen and measures 52 × 36 cm.

#4. Family Calendar – This calendar is perfect if you have up to five family members, with lots of activities to track. If you have a chore rotation schedule, you can also track on this calendar (garbage, clean bath, etc.). Great family calendar for about 1,000 yen. It measures 53.6 × 38.2 cm.


#5. Beautiful Japan – Japan has four beautiful seasons that offer all of us great outdoor vistas and activities. The photos in this calendar titles The Four Seasons of Japan (1,620 yen) are beautiful. Just looking at it will inspire you to go outside, and enjoy Japan more. Measures 59 ×42 cm

#6. White Board Calendar – Make as many mistakes on this calendar as you like. Love this calendar for bot its design and functionality. The price is reasonable at 2,800 yen. The calendar is a good size but not too big and heavy to hang on the wall measuring 42.4 × 39.5 cm. Comes with a white board marker and holder.

#7. Guri & Gura Fun – If you have children in Japan, you know Guri & Gura! What a better way to teach children about months, days and dates that the Guri & Gura 2016 Calendar (1,300 yen). Measures 36.4 x 25.4 cm.

#8. Expand Your Vocabulary –  If you or someone in your home is a beginner-mid Japanese learner, I highly recommend you buy this Elementary School English Learning Calendar (1,080 yen). This calendar is not just for kids, adults as well, will enjoy learning a Japanese word or expression a day. The good thing about this 2016 calendar is that the English words are written in roman characters and kana/hiragana, and the Japanese translations written in hiragana. If the learner knows hiragana than a word a day will be easy. Measures 21.6 x 30.0 cm.

#9. Teach Savings – This calendar is a great way to teach kids to save. Every day have your child complete chores to earn 100 yen and then have your child insert into this calendar. A great way to actively teach about savings.  Approximately 1,800 yen and measures 19 × 26 cm.

#10. Love Cute Animal Calendars – 2016 is the year of the monkey, so it is fitting to place this cute little calendar in a safe but handy place. The calendar is 15 x 14 cm and comes in various animals including dogs, cats, and birds.

Top Recommended 2016 Calendars


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