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Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores

Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is one month away, so it is time to deck the halls – here are our recommended top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores. From luxury, handcrafted ornaments to mass market lights and shiny balls you can find what you need for the holidays in Japan. If you are a DIYer, then check out our favorite arts and crafts supply stores that all have holiday decoration products. Most of these stores have branches across Japan so check out the store locators and websites.  If you have other great locations to buy Christmas Decoration in Japan, please Christmas Decoration Stores comment below.  Also if you are shopping for a Christmas tree or Tokyo Christmas church service here is some helpful info. Happy Holidays!

Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY


  1. 1. Franc Franc  – Offering great mid-value shiny trendy ornaments in pastels and traditional holiday colors. My daughter found her “must have pink Christmas tree”.  Locations all over Japan but my favorite is the Aoyama Flagship Store.Franc Franc, Christmas Decoration Stores Franc Franc, Christmas Decoration Stores

Aoyama Flagship Store – FrancFranc Lounge
Address: 1-2F, Spline Aoyama Tokyu Bld., 3-1-3, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5785-2111
Business Hours: 11:00-21:00
FrancFranc Japan English Shop List: http://www.francfranc.jp/shop/en/brand_Francfranc.html
Website in Japanese: http://www.francfranc.com/shop/


*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY

Zara Home, Christmas Decoration Stores 2. Zara Home – One of my favorite home accessory stores in Japan. Great value and on trend and season home furnishings. They have beautiful collections of silver and gold holiday ornaments. Zara also has some beautiful red glass tableware for the Zara Home, Christmas Decoration Stores holidays. Zara stores are located across Japan, and they have online store.

Zara Home Japan Details – Three of the Tokyo stores (seven more on their website)
Aoyama Store: Rise 5-1-22, Mina
mi Aoyama, Mintao-ku, Tokyo (5-1-22港区南青山, 港)
Futakotamagawa Store:  Rise 2, 1-14-1 Futakotamagawa, Tokyo (1-14-1, 玉川, 東京)
Toyosu Store: Lalaport Toyosu 2-4-9 Toyosu, Edo-ku, Tokyo ( 2-4-9, 東京都江東区豊洲 ららぽーと豊洲1F・2F)
Store locator in Englishhttp://www.zarahome.com/jp/en/store-locator.htm
Online website in English (free shipping over 15,000 in Japan): http://www.zarahome.com/jp/en/

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY

3. Ikea – Ikea has wide selection of ornaments, homeware, and decorations to transform your home into a Scandinavian winter wonderland. All of their nine Japan stores carry the same merchandise.  Here is a sampling of Ikea decorations.

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY

Costco, Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores4. Costco – Costco has a limited selection of Christmas decorations, but the ones they do have are the largest I have found in Japan. Seriously tempted to buy the sled and reindeer for our building roof, and maybe the 1/2 life-size Santa for the Costco, Top Japan Christmas Decoration Storesentryway.  Might be a good way to embarrass my teenagers. Selection is now available at all of Costco’s 25 Japan stores. Recommend to shop soon since most merchandise will sell out by mid-Dec if not earlier.

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY



5. Flying Tiger – Great super value holiday nick-nacky decorations and wonderful holiday gift boxes and tins if you are making cookies for holiday gifts. Also, a terrific place to shop for stocking stuffers and gifts for holiday parties. There are 10 Flying Tiger Copenhagen locations in Tokyo and more throughout Japan. Our favorites are in Omotesando and Odaiba.

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY

 Søstrene Grene,Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores6. Søstrene Grene – One of our favorite new home accessory and craft stores in Tokyo. Presently only one store in Jingu  Søstrene GreneMae right off of Omotesando Dori. They have a beautiful selection of delicate holiday decorations also some cute ones kids can paint. Highly recommend you check out Søstrene Grene.

Søstrene Grene Details
Address: 4-25-13 Jingu Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours: Open every day 11:00 – 20:00
Access: 8 min walk from Harajuku Station on the JR Yamanote, or 3 min walk from Meiji-Jingu Mae Station on the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Lines.
Note: Not stroller friendly and no public bathrooms

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY

7. Daiso – Daiso is famous for their 100 yen and low prices stores, which now includes many holiday decorations. They also have a good selection of craft items such as paper, paints, markers, and styrofoam to make your holiday decoration. If you are doing crafts with your kids, this is a great and inexpensive option.  I have been to the store in Ebisu, Harajuku and Shinjuku and have always found a great selection.

Daiso Details 
Address: Great store locator here with all information  http://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp/shop/index.php (only in Japan but has a image map)
Business hours: typically 10:00 – 21:00 (please double check on the store locator)
Website: http://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp/ (Japanese language only)

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY

Living Motif8. Living Motif – If you are looking for heirloom holiday decorations to last for generations, Living Motif has a beautiful selection. Most of the items are made by Japanese and International crafts people.

Living Motif Store Details
Address: 5-17-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3587-2784
Business Hours: Everyday 11:00 – 19:00  (some national holidays may be closed)
Access: 8 min walk from Roppongi Station (Exit 3) on the Hibiya and Oedo Lines, 8 min walk from Roppongi 1-chome Station (Exit 1) on the Namboku Line, or 8 min walk from Azabu Juban Station (Exit 7) on the Namboku and Oedo Lines). There is also public parking near the Axis building.
Online store (in Japanese)
Website (in Japanese)

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY

Don Quijote , Christmas Decoration Stores 9. Don Quijote –  This national chain has a large assortment of holiday lights and party costumes and gifts. Good Don Quijote , Christmas Decoration Stores prices and many stores are open 24/7 so perfect in a holiday pinch. English store locator.

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY



10. National Azabu Supermarket – One the second floor there is a good selection of holiday decorations and stocking stuffers. A little on the price high-side, but convenient with free parking and open from 8:30 to 21:00 daily. They also offer a selection of holiday candies and staples in the 1st-floor supermarket. Real Christmas trees are also on sale from late November.
Address: 4-5-2 Minami Azabu,Minato-Ku,TOKYO.National Azabu Supermarket, Christmas decorations
Phone: 03-3442-3181
Business Hours: Open 7 days a week 08:30-21:00
Access: 3 min walk from Hiroo Station on the Hibiya Line, Free parking also available


*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY-

Shimojima Decorating and Packaging Store11. Shimojima (30+ stores across Japan, Flagship store in Asakusabashi) – Shimojima Decorating and Packaging Store is the go-to chain store for handicraft makers, gift givers, and party planners. Shimojima has 30+ branches in the Kanto area where families can go and buy all their decorating items for the holidays and parties. The 8-floor flagship store in Asakusabashi on the Ginza subway line is packed full of boxes, bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, glue and decorating tools.Shimojima Decorating and Packaging Store

Shimojima Decorating and Packaging Store Details
List of all stores in Japan here in English:  https://www.shimojima.co.jp/eng/shop/shop_list.html
Asakusabashi Shimojima Flagship Store: 1-30-10 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo (exit 4 Asakusabashi on the Ginza Line)
Most Stores business hours: 9:00 – 18:30 on Mondays through Saturdays and 10:00 – 17:30 on Sundays and national holidays

*****Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY

dsc_1160-200x132 12. Kuramae Decoration Street –  Artificial holiday decorations are in abundance year round at Asakusabashi (Kuramae station on the Oedo line). There is a handful of stores on the same corner that sell an amazing selection of fake flowers and holiday decorations. If you are planning a big festival or party, this is a great place to shop for a wide selection and economy. Large selection of holiday light, large size inflatable Santa Clauses, artificial trees and more.

Address: 3-20-21 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 min walk from the Kuramae Station on the Oedo and Asakusa Linesdsc_1159-200x132


Top Japan Christmas Decoration Stores – Where to Buy Luxury to DIY


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