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Top 10+ Tokyo Shops for Japanese Gifts

We are sharing our top 10+ Tokyo shops for Japanese gifts! If you are looking for something special for friends in town or overseas? Some of my favorite gifts to bring abroad are hanging fabrics (tengui), calendars, chopsticks, items made from metal, or washi paper. Local gift favorites are pottery, glass, and bamboo. The ten stores are our go-to stops for unique gifts from Japan. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Happy Shopping. The Best Living Moms If you love Japanese antique, you will love our forte top 10 Tokyo antique stores. Also, here we are sharing our top 10 Japanese washi stores (Japanese paper).

Did you know you can also make some fantastic gifts and personal crafts at the Best Living Japan studio in Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo? Japanese Chabako (tea boxes) covered in washi, Japanese ikkanbari baskets, Indigo dying, and Kintsugi. Come join us for a class. 

Japanese ikkanbari class Best Living Japan Studio

Indigo Dying Class, Furushiki, Best living Japan






Where are the Top 10+ Tokyo Shops for Japanese Gifts

Bingoya Japanese Craft Store

1. Bingoya Japanese Craft Shop (Shinjuku) –  Has one of the widest selection of Japanese crafts in Tokyo. From paper to ceramics you will find what you are looking for at Bingoya. The store merchandise is located on five floors categorised by type of product. You will also find a very knowledgeable shop person on each floor to try to answer any questions you may have. Although I love this store, I would not recommend for people who have issues with climbing stairs.


traditional japan crafts Aoyama

2. Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square, Aoyama – This store’s differentiation is that they sell crafts and art of all mediums and from regions across Japan. I recently was shopping for gifts to send abroad with my first son (I have three) for the family he was visiting. In less than one hour, I had purchases a variety of handcrafted presents from silver drinking cups, lacquer trays, chopstick sets and scarves. Not only beautiful, high-quality products but everything is meticulously gift-wrapped. For more details and address click here

3. Blue & White Store, Azabu – Amy Katoh opened the Blue & White Store over 35 years ago promoting Japanese crafts and lifestyle of years past. Besides the Blue & White Store, she has written many books that long-time expats cherish for ideas when they visit Japanese craft stores and Blue and White Shop Best Living Japanflea markets. Indigo and sashiko, yukata and tenugui are carefully chosen to highlight the beauty of the blue and white tradition of Japan. For more details and address click here.

D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari Building

4. d47 Design Travel Store, Shibuya –  d47 Design Travel Store is a beautiful store to view and shop Japanese crafts and food from the 47 prefectures of Japan. The selection has been beautifully curated and displayed to represent the best of Japan.  It is centrally located in the Shibuya Hikari building’s 8th floor, which also has a lovely cafe and some other galleries. If you want to see Shibuya from a higher perspective, this is a good option. For more details and address click here


Sou Sou

5.  Sou-Sou Boutique, Aoyama –  
If you are looking for that unique “made in Japan” gift or personal item than Sou-Sou Boutique in Minami Aoyama is a great option. Walking into Sou-Sou I immediately became happier from the fabric patterns that are vibrant and full of energy. I was amazed how Sou-Sou designers have used the traditional fabric on products ranging from Tabi (Japanese shoes), baby clothes to wall hangings to adult outerwear. They even have stationary and phone covers in the patterns. For more details and address click here.


asa no ha azabu

6. Asa no Ha Shop, Azabu – One of the many things I love about Japan are the seasons, with each season come unique changes in nature, food and celebrations. A great way to capture the ever-changing seasons is to place a simple but beautiful tenugui in a prominent place in your house. An easy gift to transport on the plane. Asa no Ha Shop, Azabu has a beautiful selection.  For more details and address click here.

7. 2K540 Aki-Oka – Japanese Artisan Stores, Akihabara – Okachi-machi is know by most as the wholesale area for clothing and food however, there is a hidden jewel of 2K540 Aki-Oka.  2K540 Aki-Oka Japanese artisan stores and studios are under the elevated train tracks if you walk along the line towards Akihabara. In December 2010 over 25 Japanese artisans gathered in the space called “2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan”. The theme of Aki-Oka is “making things,” and Aki-Oka artisans display and sell their goods across all mediums of leather, wood, ceramic, metals and fabrics. There are also a few galleries and cafes as well to enjoy your time.  For more details and address click here.


8. Madu, Aoyama –  If you are a collector of Japanese housewares or looking for a unique gift Madu is a great spot. Madu has beautiful collections of ceramics from Japanese artisans. Each collection has a brief outline of the artist, and the shop staff can give you more details. For more details and address click here.


Rin 8890

9. Rin 8890, Akihabara –  Rin 8890 is one of my favourite Japanese craft boutiques in Tokyo. If you are looking for utilitarian items with great style, this is a one-stop store. Although the store’s space is small, you are sure to find something that you “must” have. Rin, also, has a beautiful new website that is quite convenient if you can not get to the Kanda/Akihabara area. Many people may remember Rin from their store in Aoyama/Omotesando which they closed a few years ago. For more details and address click here.


10. Takumi Craft Store (Ginza) –  I have been a customer of Takumi craft store (たくみ)for over 25 years! Seemed like a long time, but when I recently went in to visit and asked how long they have been in business the answer was 80 years. Takumi it seems may be the longest surviving Japanese craft store in Japan. Takumi craft store offers an elegant selection of traditional folk crafts, including textiles, artwork and ceramics from around Japan. Prices of product start at 1,000 yen. The first floor is primarily pottery from famous kiln villages such as Mashiko (Tochigi-ken), Tanba (Hyogo-ken) and Onta (Oita-ken). The second floor has beautiful textiles, baskets and small furniture. For more details and address click here. 

11. Sugahara Glass Shop (Aoyama) – If you love beautiful art that is highly utilitarian then I recommend shopping at Sugahara Glass Store in Aoyama, Tokyo.  I had never heard of the Sugahara glass until the concierge at the Grand Hyatt recommended as a “brilliant shop”.  Sugahara (SGH) is now one of favorite stores in Tokyo for beautiful items for my home and gifts!

Journal Standard Square, Best Tokyo Japanese Gift Shops

12. Journal Standard Square (Meiji Jingu, Shibuya)

Journal Standard Square located between Meiji Jingu and Shibuya stations is one of the best Tokyo one-stop shopping locations for Japanese home accessories and kitchenware.  If you are trying to minimize your belongings, do not step in this store!! Every item for sale is beautiful and a “must have” from the hinoki bath wood chips to the stainless steel slat and pepper shakers. All the items are designed in Japan.

Journal Standard Square Details
Address: 6-19-20 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo (google map)
Business Hours: 11:00 – 20:00
Access: 5 min walk from Shibuya Station or 10 min walk from Meiji Jingu Station

Top 10+ Tokyo Shops for Japanese Gifts

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