Tomica Specialty Shops

Tomica Specialty Shops (Marunouchi & Sumida, Tokyo) – Great Gifts for Toddlers & Car Lovers

Tomica (トミカ) is the line of die-cast toy vehicles produced since 1970 by Takara Tomy Co. of Japan which can be purchases at Tomica Specialty Shops (Marunouchi & Sumida, Tokyo). It`s a favorite in our home and among boys in Japan two to seven years of age. You can find Tomica products in toys stores around Japan but if you’re looking for limited items, Tomica-branded household goods, candy, apparel, and other merchandise we recommend visiting one of the four locations throughout Japan or at their annual expos (details on this link). You can also buy at most of the top Tokyo Toy Stores. 

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Tomica Specialty Shop Locations: Ichibancho Station, Marunouchi; Yokohama Landmark Plaza, Minato Mirai; Sky Tree Town, Sumida, Tokyo; Daimaru Umeda Store, Osaka

Tomica Specialty Shops – Great Gifts for Toddlers & Car Lovers

Tomica Specialty Shops (Marunouchi & Sumida, Tokyo)


“The Tomica story starts back in 1970, when model cars mainly referred to imported 1/64 scale models of foreign cars or larger 1/43 scale models of Japanese cars for collectors. It was then that Tomica’s founders embarked on their mission to give the children of Japan small diecast cars based on the vehicles produced by Japan’s own automobile makers. Tomica products were refreshingly different: modeled on made-in-Japan vehicles, they came in sizes that fit easily in the palm of a child’s hand. Diecast bodies gave them an authentic feel, and they were painted using the same baked enamel finish used on real automobiles. With these features, plus extras such as precision suspension and ultra-smooth performance, all at a very reasonable price, Tomica’s popularity grew rapidly. Today, around four in every five Japanese children under the age of eight own at least one Tomica product. Times have changed since the birth of Tomica, but the childhood love of vehicles has endured, and Tomica has grown into a long-selling brand enjoyed by children and parents across three generations. These days, there are 140 models in the Tomica diecast lineup at any one time. The lineup is continually being refreshed with the release of a new model on the third Saturday of each month.” – Tomica

Tomica Specialty Shops (Marunouchi & Sumida, Tokyo)

Facts since March 2011:
– More than 800 Models have been sold since Tomica was first launched.
– More than 554 million units sold.
– If you lined up all the Tomica cars sold since the brand was launched, bumper to bumper, they would reach all the way around the Earth.


The next Tomica Expo will be held at the Pacifico National Convention Center in Yokohama from August 9th-19th, 2018. Stop in to see a breathtaking giant diorama of Tomica Town and a 360 degree mini-car slider. Tomica town will be filled with popular attractions such as fishing Tomica and a Tomica assembly factory. Also, don’t miss out on this year’s souvenir expo model sales.

Address: Pacifico National Convention Center 1-1-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Date & Time: Aug. 15th – August 25th, 2019 
Cost: Adults 1,000 yen, Children under elementary school 800 yen.
Access: 5 minutes on foot from Minato Mirai Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line or Fukutoshin Lines.
Event Website:

Tomica Website:



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Tomica Specialty Shops – Great Gifts for Toddlers & Car Lovers


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