Where to buy Organic products in japan

Tokyo Favorite Organic Food Stores

When I need organic vegetables right away and can`t wait a week for the next delivery (or the next Farmer`s Market) I head to the closest organic shops in Tokyo. Here are my favorite with online options:

1) Precce & Tokyu Stores have a small organic section. Look for the JAS organic sign above.
Precce Website: http://shop.tokyu-bell.jp/tokyu-store/app/common/index (in Japanese)
Tokyu Website: http://www.tokyu-bell.jp/ (in Japanese)
Locations: Tokyo and surrounding areas

2) Oisix
Website: http://www.oisix.com (in Japanese)
Locations: Futakotamagawa Rise – B1 level, Kichijoji – B1 in the Atre Building, Ebisu Mitsukoshi, Nakameguro Tokyu Store, Meguro Precce Store, Sangenjaya Tokyu Store, etc. Full list here.

3) Natural House
Website: http://www.naturalhouse.co.jp (in Japanese)
Locations: Aoyama, Meguro Atre, Shimokitazawa, Yurakucho Itocia, Ikebukuro Tobu Store, Futakotamagawa Rise, etc. Full list here.

4) Crayon House All in one shop (veggies, restaurant, cosmetics, books & toys).
Website: https://www.crayonhouse.co.jp/shop/default.aspx
Location: Omotesando

5) F&F 自然食品の店
Website: http://www.shizensyoku-ff.com (in Japanese)
Locations: Shibuya, Jiyugaoka, Musashikoyama, Takashimaya Tamagawa, Shinjuku`s Keio Dept Store, etc. Full list here.

Another resource for fresh, organic food are the Tokyo Area Farmer`s Markets. Here is a list from the archives. ** Ask for “Yuuki” (有機) which means Organic in Japanese. **

Tokyo Farmers Markets

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Here are other recommenced shopping locations for great groceries in Japan

Sakana no Bacca (Nakameguro) for the best fish in town.

Don Quijote Platinum (Shirogane) for the best Japanese beef (not joking, there is an amazing butcher shop in the back of the first floor)

Offline Organic Stores – Tokyo Organic Stores

Online Organic Shopping – Our recommended Japan based organic shopping resources

Recommended Organic Restaurants and Cafes 

Umekoji Collabo, Kyoto – Family-Friendly Organic Restaurant

Three Twins Organic Ice Cream Shop (Daikanyama, Tokyo)

We Are The Farm ORGANIC RESTAURANT (Ebisu, TokyoI)

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation (Ebisu, Tokyo) – All you can eat Organic Salad Bar

Organic Cafe Lulu (Koto-ku, Tokyo) – Reading Cafe and Play Space

Lotus Baquette Organic Bakery and Cafe (Daikanyama, Shibuya & Yokohama)

Urth Caffe (Daikanyama, Tokyo) – Healthy Food and Organic Drinks Cafe

Bareburger Organic Restaurant (Jiyugaoka, Tokyo) – Baby-friendly

Midorie Organic Restaurant & Deli (Gakugeidaigaku, Tokyo)

Floresta Nature Donuts (Gakugeidaigaku, Tokyo) – Adorable, Organic Donuts

Trueberry (Hiroo, Tokyo) – Organic Food and Drink



Organic Food



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  1. Where do you have produce delivered from? I am relatively new to tokyo and was dying to find a organic produce delivery service!

    • tokyostroller

      Hi Melissa,
      I use OISIX.com. You`ll need a friend who can read Japanese to set it up for you. Once that`s done, ordering is a breeze. =)

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