Tokyo Summer Bucket List for Families – Six Weeks – 20 Tokyo With Kids Fun Spots

Summer vacation has officially begun in Japan. Are you already tired of hearing “we are bored”? To help here is our Tokyo Summer Bucket List for Families. Six weeks of fun – 20 idea for kids in Tokyo. Most International Schools start the end of August and Japanese schools the first week of September. Whether you  just moved to Tokyo, or long-term Japan resident we think you will find some fun ideas for summer fun below. Please let us know in the comments below if you recommend other summer activities we don’t have listed. Try to stay cool and remember to wear sunscreen and bug repellent. 

Mondays can be tricky since many local attractions are closed so we created this Tokyo OPEN ON MONDAY LIST, also Tokyo at Night Attractions might also be helpful. If you are trying to stretch the yen there are plenty of fun things to do for FREE in Tokyo or under 500 yen.

Tokyo Summer Bucket List for Families – Six Weeks – 20 Tokyo With Kids Fun Spots


If you want to learn about Tokyo and Japan’s History, I recommend your visit the following four Museums before School starts.

1. Edo-Tokyo Museum (Ryogoku, Tokyo)

2. Fukagawa-Edo Museum (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

3. Shikamachi Museum (Ueno, Tokyo)

4. Edo Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Park (Western Tokyo).

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

2. VISIT A MAJOR FIREWORKS FESTIVAL – Check out our list of the best and biggest Tokyo area Firework festivals.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

3. COOL OFF AT THE YOMIURILAND WAI POOL PARK – Yomiuriland Amusement Park is an all inclusive amusement ride and in the summer months water park. A 30 train ride from Shinjuku, your family can enjoy a hot day at one of the six pools, over 30 amusement rides and a wide selection of snack shacks and restaurants. More details here!  Highly recommend the Wai Pool Park for a fun day trip from Tokyo or Yokohama.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

4. DISNEY LAND or SEA – Disney Land and Sea are two very different experiences and you will need a full day to experience each. Disney Sea tends to be less crowded and I think more enjoyable on hot days. Families love both so enjoy! Check out our tips for visiting both Disney Land and Disney Sea.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

5. ENJOY A BASEBALL GAME – Japan baseball season runs from the end of March until the 1st week of October. There are two main teams in Tokyo, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows and the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants. If you like outdoor games the Swallows game would be fun to attend. If you want to see a huge indoor game attend a Giants game. The cheering, the music, and the beer girls are all a head turning experience. To review the Japan baseball schedule and buy tickets check out our guide to buying tickets here. 

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

6. JAPANESE FESTIVAL – A great cultural experience is to visit a Japanese festival to listen, see and taste. Here is our list of Tokyo Summer Festivals.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

7. GLOW IN THE DARK BOWLING IN SHIBUYA is a very quintessential Japanese experience. This is actually an activity that the entire family will enjoy. Our favourite is EST Bowling in Shibuya which is open from 10:00 a.m. 5:30 a.m. If you are up late or super early this is a fun option.  EST website in Japanese. Shibuya 1-14-14, Shibuya Higashi Kaikan 3F.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

8KARAOKE – Plenty of Karaoke places in Shibuya but our favorite is Karaoke Pasera Shibuya, which is also child-friendly. It has baby and toddler-friendly rooms and meal sets. Located right before Tower Records as you walk from Shibuya station. Address: 1-22-9 Jinan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

9. KAITEN SUSHI is a must eat activity in Japan. My teens love ordering their own items and piling the plates. Beware if they start a eating competition it can add up quickly! Some of our favorites; Pintokona (Roppongi), Genki Sushi (Shibuya), Kappa (various Tokyo locations) and Enju (Shirokanedai)

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

10. ASAKUSA SHRINE, SHOPPING AND FOOD – .The Senso-ji Shrine is an impressive shrine in size and design but the approach to the shrine is fun due to large number of souvenir shops and food. Behind the shrine you can also find numerous food booths and the old, but uniquely Japanese Hanayashiki amusement park with a few rides.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

11. KAMAKURA is a great day trip from Tokyo. Spend the day visiting the largest metal Buddha in Japan, some great temples around town and many wonderful boutiques and restaurants. If warm stop by the beach and have a swim.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

12. MT TAKAO HIKING is about a one hour train ride from central Tokyo. Hike from the train station to the top of the Mountain to see some great views of the greater Tokyo area. The spring cherry blossoms and fall foliage is beautiful. The hike is quite easy, however, if you don’t want to climb from the bottom you can take the monorail halfway up the mountain. Great outdoor adventure to take a break from Tokyo.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

13. YOKOHAMA CHINATOWN Wander around the streets eating dumpling and then enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner. The Yokohama China Town is one 140 years old. I recommend you take a day trip to Yokohama and check out the Cup Noodles Museum and the Japan Overseas Migration Museum which my teens loved! Or Visit our YOKOHAMA WITH KIDS one day Itinerary.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

Space Athletic Tondemi Space Athletic Tondemi Space Athletic Tondemi

14. VISIT A TOKYO ADVENTURE SPORTS CENTER – If you have elementary and above kids in the Tokyo area, they will love browsing our Top Tokyo Area Adventure Sports and Activity Centers. We have visited all of these Adventure Sports and Activity Centers and give the moms thumbs up for quality and value. Have fun!

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

Kyoto Railway Museum

15. THINGS THAT GO – Tokyo Trains, Planes & Automobiles. Have a kid who love things that go? Trains, planes & cars we got you covered. Our sons were obsessed with transportation when they were 3-5 years olds so we have first hand experience at all of the recommended locations.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***

16. BEST TOKYO PARKS FOR KIDS` BICYCLING – Rent or Bring Your Own Looking for the Best Tokyo Parks for Kids’ Bicycling? Before heading out to the sidewalks and streets of Tokyo try practicing in a safe kid-friendly environment.  Here are our favorite parks that we love taking our kids.

*** Tokyo Summer Bucket List ***


17. VISIT AN ANIMAL CAFE; RABBITS, HEDGEHOGS AND CHINCHILLAS– We`re not big fan of just cafes for petting, so we researched and found Ms. Bunny which sells the rabbit and other animals to permanent homes. More details –>

teamLab Planets TOKYO (Toyosu) and teamLab Borderless (Odaiba)

18. TEAMLAB BORDERLESS OR PLANETS EXHIBITION teamLab Planets TOKYO (Toyosu) and teamLab Borderless (Odaiba) “experiences” are the brain children of teamLab and provide a 360 degree immerse light and environment experience.

Asukayama Park, Tokyo wading pool and splash parks

19. Tokyo Area Swimming Pools plenty of places to enjoy some laps! or 20. Wadding and splash water play!







Japanese Beetles - Japan Summer Fun with Kabuto and Kuwagata Mushi19. Go Hunting and Raising Kabutomushi (Japanese Beetles) – My kids all raised in Japan loved hunting for and raising Kabutomushi (Japanese beetles). Learn all about Kabuto here.

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If you heading to the beach in Japan, here is our recommended beach bag packing. 


Tokyo Summer Bucket List: 15 + Things to Do Before School Starts


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