Tokyo Station Bullet Trains and Dr. Yellow

Tokyo Station MaxMy son loves all of the trains in Tokyo, especially the bullet trains (shinkansens), so when my husband found out that Doctor Yellow would be at Tokyo Station on Christmas Day we had to see it. Doctor Yellow is the name for the bright yellow high-speed test train used to diagnose problems on the dedicated express passenger train route. It only runs a few times a month so seeing it is a big deal for kids and train buffs.

Tokyo Station Bullet Trains and Dr. Yellow

Tokyo Station trainsWe arrived at Tokyo Station a little early to see the other bullet trains before Doctor Yellow made it`s appearance. We purchased an `observation ticket` from the ticket machines for only 130 yen/per person (children are free) and headed to the platform to see the different bullet trains. We saw the Super Komachi and Hayabusa connect, the N700, the Max and then Doctor Yellow. My son and his friend were thrilled.

Tokyo StationIf you want to catch the next Doctor Yellow sighting google ドクターイエロー予想 to find the schedule. The site my husband used was (in Japanese). This site posts the Doctor Yellow schedule monthly (it`s best to go when the day lands on a weekday as there are a number of people with kids trying to get photos).


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Tokyo Station Bullet Trains and Dr. Yellow

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