Tokyo Quarantine Meal Plan

Tokyo Quarantine Meal Plan WEEK 1

Here is our 5-day quarantine Lunch and Dinner meal plan. Cooking 3 meals a day while working and home schooling takes a toll. Remember to take time to breathe, take a walk in your neighborhood, give yourself a break and order in. Delivery options at the bottom of the post. Stay Safe!


Japanese Food
Korean Food
Japanese Food
Mexican Food
Japanese Food
Taco Salad
Clam Pasta
Curry Udon
Pork Nabe

We always have the following items in our pantry & refrigerator:

This week’s grocery list:
– Ramen Noodles
– Egg
– Enoki Mushrooms
– Gyoza Skin
– Ground Pork
– Cabbage
Sweet potato Noodles
Taco shells / Taco Kit
-Ground Beef
-Dry White Wine
-Fresh Asari Clams (we purchased at Sakana Bacca)
curry roux
Vegetables: spinach, bean sprouts, carrots, bell pepper, carrot, onion, potato, Negi (long Onion), Chinese Cabbage

Great to have for Winter or chilly evenings:

Nabe Pot

Portable Gas Burner

Portable Gas Cans

Miso Ramen in Chicken Stock

My kids LOVE Ramen. I usually make the stock on Sunday evening to use for lunch or dinner on Monday, and kids’ select their own toppings.

Toppings (optional):

      • Hard Boiled Egg
      • Japanese Seaweed
      • Enoki Mushrooms
      • Homemade Charsiu Pork
      • Get

Get the Recipe –>

Pork Gyoza

Our family loves making gyoza together. Make a bunch, then freeze half before cooking it at a later date.

Get the Recipe –>

Korean Bibimbap (meat and mixed vegetables over rice)

Our kids love anything over rice. Here’s a great way to get your kids to eat their vegetables; seasoned veggies with meat over rice.

Get the Recipe –>

Korean Japchae (Meat and Vegetable with Noodle Stir fry)

Use leftover vegetables from this afternoon’s bibimbap and add to this tasty noodle stir fry.

Get the Recipe –>


Love warming up with soba on a cool Spring Day. Healthy and easy to make.

Get the Recipe –> (Soba)

Get the Recipe –> (tako salad)


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Soba, veggies and fresh Tako salad. Recipes from #quarantinemeals #covid19meals #tokyoquarantine

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Chicken Curry Udon

We make curry all the time. Nami, at JustOneCookbook, has a great homemade curry roux recipe, or you can purchase the roux at the supermarket.

Get the Recipe –>

Beef Tacos & Taco Salad

  • 300g  ground beef
  • Taco Shells
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 1 head lettuce, chopped
  • 1 medium tomato, chopped
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • avocado, mashed
  • salsa
Cook onion  in 10-inch skillet over medium heat until translucent then add beef and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until brown; drain. Add salt. Toast taco shells in a toaster oven. Serve taco shells with beef mixture, lettuce, tomato and cheese.


Chicken Quesadillas


      • 4 flour tortillas
      • 2 teaspoons butter, melted
      • 1 cup shredded cheese
      • 1/3 cup edamame
      • 1 medium tomato, diced (optional)
      • 200g chopped cooked chicken


Melt a tablespoon of butter on a griddle; place the tortilla on the griddle then sprinkle with cheese, edamame and chicken. Top with remaining tortilla. Cook over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side or until lightly browned. Cut into wedges.

Clam Pasta

This is a favorite in our home. Kids love clam digging from May, they love to see them de-grit and love having fresh clams over pasta, in rice, soup, or ramen.

Get the Recipe –>

Pork Nabe

The evenings have been unseasonably cool recently. Our favorite meal to warm up our bellies, and the home, is Nabe. We replaced the chicken with pork in this recipe.

Get the Recipe –>

Tokyo Food Delivery Services

Tokyo Quarantine Meal Plan WEEK 2


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