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Best Living Japan Kids Cooking Program

1st – 12th Grade Tokyo Kids Cooking Classes

In our Tokyo kids cooking classes we teach your kids kitchen safety, about interesting and yummy ingredients and cooking techniques. Don’t be surprised to see them eating things that you’ve never fed them, or trying things they have previously disliked! All classes are held at the Best Living Japan Studio in Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo – a professional and insured kitchen. All 2019 Winter/Spring classes are here.
Our Tokyo kids cooking classes are for ages 6-18 years (1st – 12th grade).  Twelve weeks of lessons are offered, and you can sign-up your child for three, six or all 12 lessons. One set of three lessons is 10,000 yen + 8% tax.  1st – 3rd graders are from 16:00-17:30, and 4th – 12th graders are 18:00-19:30.

1st – 12 Grade Tokyo Kids Cooking Classes – Winter Spring 2019

We focus on recipes that are simple and sensible. Positive reinforcement comes when they eat something they cook AND it tastes good. We will stress kitchen safety, discuss eating habits with an assumption that we cook to eat healthy, and build on their previous kitchen experiences. Participation to encourage counting, following directions and estimating, as well as telling time, applying  math skill and some recipe following will also be stressed.  Cooking skills that we will focus on are measuring (weight and volume), cutting, grinding, grating, peeling and separating eggs. Some kitchen tools we will may include electric mixers, kitchen scales, induction cook tops, graters and zesters, and spiralizers.

Early Elem 1st – 3rd Grades Elem/Middle 4- 6th Grades  Teens 7th- 12th Grades
Wednesdays4:00- 5:306:00 – 7:306:00 – 7:30
Class 1Jan 23Nabe & RiceNabe & Rice
Class 2Feb 6 (ASIJ PACT DAY)Tonkatsu & Curry RiceTonkatsu & Curry Rice
Class 3Feb 20Sheppard Pie & BrowniesSheppard Pie & Brownies
Class 4Feb 27 (ASIJ PACT DAY)Sukiyaki & RiceSukiyaki & Rice
Class 5Mar 6SushiSushi
Class 6Apr 3Yaki Soba & Taco YakiYaki Soba & Taco Yaki
Class 7Apr 10 (ASIJ PACT DAY)Handmade PastaHandmade Pasta
Class 8Apr 17Nikujaga & RiceNikujaga & Rice
Class 9May 8Quiche & SoupQuiche & Soup
Class 10May 15Gyoza & Fried RiceGyoza & Fried Rice
Class 11May 22 (ASIJ PACT DAY)Teriyaki Chicken & Bamboo RiceTeriyaki Chicken & Bamboo Rice

Best Living Japan Class FAQs and Policies

PLEASE CHOOSE at least three CLASSES – 3 Classes for 10,000 yen + 8% tax

1st – 12 Grade Tokyo Kids Cooking Classes – Winter Spring 2019

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  1. If you are going to make a vegetarian shepherd,s pie where can you get oNon-meat mince here in Japan please? In UK I also like veg sausages and would like to get them here.
    Thanks Suzan

    • Hello Suzan, If the children want vegetarian shepherds pie we will be replacing meat with chopped mushrooms and eggplant. Lauren

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