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Tokyo Grutto Pass
Image: Japan Kuru

Tokyo Grutto Pass 2018 – Free or discounted entrance to 80 Tokyo area activities

Tokyo Grutto PassIf you are a museum and attraction lover, we highly recommend you invest in the Tokyo Grutto Pass 2018 – also great to buy if you have visitors and you plan to hit many attractions in a short time. Available from April 1, 2018 and for 2200 yen, you can buy a passbook that gives you one-time free or discounted admission to 80 Tokyo museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. for two months from the date of first use. The list of attractions are broken out by Tokyo area and include; the Ueno Area, Imperial Palace Area, Minato/Shibuya/Meguro/Setagaya Area, Shinjuku/Nerima/Ikebukuro/Oji Area, Sumida/Fukagawa/Bay Area, and the Tama Area. Most major museums and attractions are on the list; including some of my favorites –  the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Ueno National Museum, the Bridgestone Museum, the Shitamachi Museum, the Institute for Nature Study, the National Museum of Nature and Science, the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and the Fukagawa Edo Museum. Since most museum and attraction entrance tickets run between 600-800 yen on average, you only need to visit a few to get make your investment worth it!

Tokyo Grutto Pass
Image: Japan Kuru

You can purchase the pass at one of the locations listed below.  The pass is activated from the first day you use it at any museum or attraction. A start date will be stamped on the cover.  From this start date, you have two months to use the Tokyo Grutto Pass 2018. Please remember to sign your name on the pass. The Grutto Pass 2018 will go on sale from April 1, 2018 and can be used until January 31, 2019. Special exhibitions are not free with the pass, but some are covered by a discount. Also note, there is no child version of the Grutto Pass, only adult for 2,200 yen.

Website in Japanese: http://www.rekibun.or.jp/grutto/index.html

Where to buy the Tokyo Grutto Pass 2018

The Tokyo Grutto Pass 2018 can be purchased at the participating 80 facilities, or at the following locations:

  • Tokyo Tourist Information Center (1st floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building)
  • LIBRO Shiodome SIO-SITE, LIBROChofu
  • PARCO Book Center Shibuya, PARCO Book Center Kichijoji
  • Ueno Park Information
  • Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
  • TIC TOKYO (Nihonbashi Exit of Tokyo Station)
  • Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center(KYOBASHI EDOGRAND),etc.

Also available online and at some convenience stores if you can read/write/speak Japanese From APRIL 1, 2018:

  • Eplus Tickets
  • JR東日本のびゅうプラザ・主なみどりの窓口(一般㋑224465、大休㋑224466)
  • Lawson Tickets(Lコード:33560)
  • Sunkis (JTB商品コード0248144)
  • Family Mart
  • Seven-Eleven
  • Sunkis K
  • MiniStop
  • JTB 各支店・JTBトラべランド各支店


  • Passes are non-refundable. (No exchanges, extension of validity under any circumstances, including natural disasters.)
  • The pass cannot be used together with other discounts.
  • Not valid if the front cover or tickets or ticket stubs are detached from booklet or doctored.
  • Not valid without a legible expiration date. Passes are non-transferable.
  • Please contact each facility for details of discounts and exhibitions.
  • Please check each discount rate when children and seniors (65 years & older) visit facilities.


Tokyo Grutto Pass 2018

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