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Tokyo Gardening

Tokyo Gardening – Parent and Child Course – April 8 & 22, 2018

Spring is in the air, which means time to begin your Tokyo Gardening – flowers, vegetables, and herbs. You can start planting in March to have beautiful produce and flowers starting in late April and May. To help you out Best Living Japan is offering a parent and child urban gardening course with Instructor John Walsh. Tokyo Gardening Together course is two session (Sundays, April 8th & 22nd from 2:30 to Tokyo Gardening4:00.) You will have a hands-on experience to plant, grow and consume veggies & herbs). The class will take place at Best Living Japan’s studio and roof garden in Minami Azabu. Expect to get your hands dirty. You will take veggie and herb plants home after the second class to plant in your new urban garden. Register for Tokyo Gardening here. Check out all of the great courses that Best Living Japan offers here. 

Tokyo Gardening – Parent and Child Course – April 8 & 22, 2018

Tokyo Gardening Together – Parent and Child Course – Learn how to Plant, Grow and Consume Veggies & HerbsTokyo Gardening

Two Classes: April 8 and 22 (Sunday afternoon 2:30-4:00)

Class Location: The Best Living Japan Studio, 3-17-12 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Cz3lI6vkGM_18aUTIzGZRI-mbpn1zIXoH4wR62nsoiY/edit

Cost: 15,000 yen for a parent/child couple ( two child/one parent is 18,000 yen) for two session course; this includes materials – you will grow plants which you can take home to plant in your own urban garden after the 2nd session.

Date & Price


April 8th Class  – Plant Basics, Sowing Seeds & Planning Your Garden

  1. Benefits of urban farming
  2. Vegetable growing basics
  3. Essential gardening equipment
  4. Parts of a plant
  5. How do seeds grow?
  6. How to sow seeds in a pot or planter (The “Golden Rule” to successful seed sowing)
  7. How to grow measured amounts of food.
  8. How to grow large amounts of food: Shotgun seed sowing
  9. The importance of pot size
  10. How to transplant seedlings
  11. Simple ways to maximize yield and extend harvest periods
  12. The key (and critical) difference between seeds –  hybrid vs. heirloom
  13. Watering methods
  14. How to gain access to growing space if you don’t have any
  15. Where to purchase gardening equipment in Tokyo
  16. Where to buy seeds and seedlings?Tokyo Gardening
  17. Different types of soil + How to identify soil
  18. Herbs: Common varieties and how to grow them

April 22nd Class  – Making Your Garden Plan & Environmental Practices

  1. How to create a colorful balcony garden & grow produce on walls
  2. How to build a plastic bottle fence garden
  3. How to build a frame garden
  4. How to build a raised garden
  5. How to create a 1-square meter garden
  6. How to grow food on walls (vertical gardening)
  7. Eco-friendly ways to start seeds
  8. Recycling everyday objects into planters
  9. How to collect & recycle water and food, & make compost
  10. How to make a 2L PET bottle water tank planter
  11. How to collect rainwater
  12. Some fun recipes to try at home!

Tokyo Gardening, Jon WalshAbout the Instructor

Jon Walsh is a long time Japan resident originally from New Zealand. Jon has 6 years’ experience as a Tokyo-based urban farming/sustainability consultant and instructor. He has taught key food production skills to over 500 students, teachers, parents, PTA members and business people, and grown thousands of tomatoes and cucumbers, hundreds of lettuces and large quantities of other no-spray vegetables and herbs since 2012. He is the director of Business Grow (www.businessgrow.net/Green.htm), a Tokyo-based company specializing in providing green business, urban farming and sustainability services & training.

In the media: Japan Times, Metropolis magazine, Tokyo American Club.


Tokyo Gardening – Parent and Child Course – April 8 & 22, 2018

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