Tokyo Disneyland Visiting Tips – What, Why, How and Where

Tokyo Disneyland is the most popular on our list of TOP Theme Parks in Japan. To make your planning and trip to Tokyo Disneyland easier and more FUN here are our Tokyo Disneyland Visiting Tips. The most frequently ask question we are asked is “When is the least crowded day to visit?”. Every day is pretty crowded – even on a “less crowded” day you will wait 25 mins for the less popular rides and 60-80 mins for the popular rides.  Here is a online calendar that helps you identify the busy and not so busy days (this Tokyo Disneyland Visiting Tipsis not published by Disney). However, by being prepared the wait is a little more enjoyable. Here are our top 10 Tokyo Disneyland visiting tips. These tips are also relevant for Tokyo DisneySea which is always a great option for a second day or if Disneyland is just too crowded. If you have tips, please leave in the comments below.

Tokyo Disneyland Visiting Tips – What, Why, How and Where

Things to Bring to Tokyo Disneyland

  1. Tickets – Buy in advance online through Voyagin! (trusted partner) or at the official Disneyland website and print at home. You can also buy at most Japanese convenience stores, designated Disney Stores Tokyo Disneyland Visiting Tipsor travel agent. You do not want to wait in line to buy tickets.
  2. Lanyard for tickets – You can buy Lanyards at Disneyland, but it will set you back a few thousand yen.
  3. Healthy lunch and snacks – We always pack rice balls, chips, fruit, and drinks.
  4. Bottle water – Bring your own. In the summer freeze overnight in plastic bottles to drink cold all day.
  5. Blanket or plastic sheet – You will want to find a good spot for the parades and save some space. If you don’t have a blanket or sheet people will sit on top of you. Get your space 1-2 hours before the parade.
  6. Sunscreen, handy wipes, tissue paper and instant heat pads to keep warm (kairo – available in convenience stores between Nov – Mar)
  7. Camera and phone back-up chargers – If you are desperate for power at Tokyo Disneyland there are charge stations for Japanese phones at the coin-operated machine at the Information Corner on the second floor in the Traders’ Passage area of Ikspiari.
  8. Jacket / Rain Ponchos – I own way too many Disneyland ponchos after forgetting ours. Nothing takes the joy out of a visit to Tokyo Disneyland as being wet to the bone on a cold rainy day.
  9. Bandaids and antiseptic – Lots of running and tumbling so better safe than sorry. Easier to have your supplies than to have to wait in line at the first aid station.
  10. Pen to write name and phone number on your child’s arm in case they get lost.

Tokyo Disneyland Visiting TipsTips on Tokyo Disneyland Visiting Day

  1. Parking spot – If you drive to Tokyo Disneyland take a photo of where you parked (which sign it is near). You will forget after a busy day.
  2. Use the bathrooms right before you enter the park – these bathrooms are empty and will save your time later
  3. Strollers – Are available for 1,000 yen a day a good value if your little one needs to sleep and to help carry items around. Also if you have a stroller remember to tie a balloon or easy to identify item to your stroller. There are seas of stroller so make it easy to find yours.
  4. Map & Plan – Print out the Disneyland Tokyo map the night before and determine age and high appropriate rides. This is very stressful trying to do while chasing kids.
  5. Ride wait time AP – Download this Ride Wait Time English language AP before your visit so you can see Tokyo Disneyland wait times real-time.
  6. If you plan to stay for the night parade with a child under elementary age, I would start your Disneyland visit from noon, not first thing in the morning.

Tokyo Disneyland Visiting Tips – What, Why, How and Where

Tokyo Disneyland Visiting Tips


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