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Great Tokyo Cool Locations with Kids – How to Stay Cool in Tokyo

We are sharing our Best Living Japan moms favorite Tokyo cool locations with kids. The Japan rainy season is now over, and heat is cranking up, so it is hot, hot, hot.   It is easy to get heat stroke and sunburn in Japan so please be prepared with plenty of water, hats, and sunscreen. Extra care with little ones who can not express how hot they may be, especially if you a stroller or baby carrier. Here are also some products to keep the kids cool when out and about.

Great Tokyo Cool Locations with Kids – How to Stay Cool in Tokyo

    1. Sunshine Aquarium (Ikebukuro) – Combine a visit to the Aquarium, Pokemon center and shopping at the Sunshine building mall (some great stores including KiddyLand toys, the LOFT and plenty of adult and kids clothing stores). Car parking available in the basement. For other Tokyo area aquariums check here. 

Sunshine Aquarium (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

2.  Visit a Cool Art Museum  – We update this list 4-5 a year to reflect the exhibits in Tokyo we are excited to visit with the kids.

2021 Summer Tokyo Museum Exhibits

3. Adventure Sports – Our kids love the thrill nights, speed and flying. Check out these great adventure sports locations in the Kanto area. We can assure “risk taking” for all ages.  We recommend the indoor activities when crazy hot outside!

Tokyo Area Adventure Sports Centers

4.  Tokyo Science Museum – Located right next to the Imperial Palace this makes for a great cool rest stop and learning experience for a few hours. For all Tokyo area science and tech museums check here.

The Science Museum Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku

5. A Day in Odaiba – Plenty of Indoor Locations  to have fun and stay cool! Take the boat there for an extra cool treat, or ride your bikes.

Shopping, Legoland, Miraikan and more.

Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Odaiba with Kids

6. Japan History – Two of our favorites – Edo-Tokyo Museum and Fukugawa-Edo Museum. Both low lights and cool!

Edo-Tokyo Museum, Ryogoku – One Stop Tokyo History


The Fukagawa-Edo Museum, Koto-ku

7. Checkout a Tokyo Water Play area or Pool

Tokyo Wading Pools and Splash parks

Tokyo Outdoor Pools

Great Tokyo Cool Locations with Kids – How to Stay Cool in Tokyo



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