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Tokyo Bike Rental – Fun, Easy and Cheap

If you are living in or visiting central Tokyo, the Docomo Tokyo bike rental program is a great new solution to getting somewhere fast and cheap while having fun! We use it when our kids’ bikes are in for repairs, and when we have visitors. The community cycle or “bike sharing” system developed by NTT DoCoMo is currently offered in Chiyoda-Ku, Minato-Ku, Chuo-Ku, and Koto-Ku in Tokyo, and nine other areas around Japan.

Tokyo Bike Rental – Fun, Easy and Cheap

If you want to see the night lights of Tokyo Tower or take a ride around the Imperial Palace, using the community cycle is the best way! The bikes have large baskets and electric assistance, so you can enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat. Even for residents, renting a bike could ease the stress of parking and repairs. Grocery shopping is so much easier!

In Tokyo, Chiyoda-Ku, Minato-Ku, Chou-Ku, Koto-Ku all provide the same bike-sharing system. The bright red rental bikes are available 24 hours a day at various ports around the city and can be returned to any port in the area. You will be charged on your renting status listed below.

Tokyo bike rental Japan price

Note: Koto-Ku does not offer a Corporate option

You can map out your route with the port map: port map

In order to rent a bike, you must create an account. A credit card and either a mobile phone or a PC are required to obtain one. The process takes about ten minutes, so it would be a good idea to do this at home before you go get your bike.

You can register for a membership account on the DoCoMo link:  (English link)

Keep in mind:

  • The rider must be at least 145cm, 57 inches in height
  • Bikes do not have children seats, so if you are traveling with children, this would not be a feasible option
  • Each rider must have his/her own account, one bike per account
  • A foreign phone number can be used to register for an account
  • In principle, bikes should be ridden on the road. Not the sidewalks.
  • When riding on the sidewalks, ride slowly on the side closest to the road.
  • Ride on the left-hand side of the road

Tokyo Bike Rental – Registration process

Tokyo bike rental Japan login

Step one:

Select the option for a new membership

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan membership

Step two:

Enter the information required

Note: If you are a tourist, enter + country code before your phone number

(eg. +1 90-1234-5678 )

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 2

Step three:

Make corrections if necessary

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 3

Step four:

Fill in your billing information

After you hit submit, you have made an account.

Tokyo Bike Rental – Bike renting process

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 4

Step one:

This page will show up after confirming

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 4

Step two:

Select the port you are closest to, or the port you desire to rent from

(Map is available for checking)

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 5

Step three:

Pick the desired bike at the port

The number of the bike is located on the back fender

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 6

(Note: Make sure the power level is high before you rent it, you don’t want the electric assistance to run out of battery during the ride)

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 7

Step four:

You will get a passcode, which serves as a password to enter into the bike


Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 8

Step five:

An email of confirmation will also be sent to you. (As of now, the email is still in Japanese)


Tokyo Bike Rental – Getting the bike process
Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 9

Press start, enter your passcode. The lock will open.

Tokyo Bike Rental Japan 10

To return your bike, return it to the port. (If there are no available parking spots, the system will detect bikes close to the port too.) Pull down the lock at the back of the bike and press enter. The bike will show “Returned” on the screen and an email will be sent to confirm return.


For information on DoCoMo’s bike-sharing outside of Tokyo please visit the following links:

Yokohama: (English link)

Sendai:  (English link)

Hiroshima: (English link)

Kanagawa Kensei: (English link)

Koshu: (English)

Kobe: (English link), (Japanese link)

(Kobe’s bike-sharing system is not set up by DoCoMo)

Most signup pages have English versions.



Tokyo Bike Rental – Fun, Easy and Cheap



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  1. Hello,

    I am planning an upcoming trip to Tokyo and am curious if you know of a mobile app that shows the bikes available and docks available relative to one’s location.


  2. Do you know if you can pick up a bike at one location, but return it to another location?

    • Yes, you can drop Minato-ku bikes at any spot in Minato-ku, similar Chiyoda-ku to Chiyoda-ku. Happy Riding!

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