Tokyo Baby Guide, Raising a Baby in japan

Tokyo Baby Guide – Traveling and Living In Tokyo With Baby

Traveling or Living in Tokyo Japan with a Baby is an adventure everyday, so we are sharing our Tokyo Baby Guide to help make your life easier and more fun! We have six kids (ages 19-4) who have all been raised in Japan – learn about our favorites and from our mistakes and successes.

Tokyo Baby Guide – Traveling and Living In Tokyo With Baby

I. For Moms & Dads

Little Things Moms Love about Japan

Inside Parents’ Tokyo Winter Bags

Japan Parenting Groups and Resources

Information on Being Pregnant in Tokyo

English Speaking OBGYNs

Guide to Navigating the Hoikuen System – Application Process and Tips

Getting a Japanese Passport for Your Newborn

How to Buy and Electric Bike

Guide to Strollers in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy

II. Feeding

Guide to Baby Formula in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy

Guide to Japanese Baby Food Brands and Ingredients

Reading Japanese Food Labels – Allergens and Tips

Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy

Japanese Packaged Kids Snacks

Top Tokyo Restaurants with Play Areas – babies and kids (0-6 yrs)

III. Wellness and Health Care

English Speaking Pediatricians in Tokyo

Guide to Baby Wipes in Japan – Types, Brands and Where to Buy

Guide to Baby Diapers in Japan – Pampers, Merries, Moony, GOO.N, Genki! 

Japanese Medicine Cabinet Essentials for Baby & Kids

Japan Mosquito Repellent and Aid

Six Common Children’s Skin Rashes in Japan – Heat, Virus or Bug?

Five Common Contagious Children’s Skin Ailments in Japan – What is it? How to cure?

Japanese Sunscreen for Kids – Top Selling Products, Ingredients and Protection Levels

Japanese Baby Skin Care Products – Best Sellers and Organic Choices

Guide To Japanese Air Purifiers

IV. Safety and Comfort

10 Baby Proofing Items You Need In Your Japanese Home

Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer

Keeping Your Baby Cool In The Tokyo Summer

Tips for Surviving Japan’s Rainy Season with Kids

Keep Baby Toddler Warm and Healthy in Japan

V. Having Fun

Top Indoor Play Centers for Little Ones

Top 10+ Recommended Baby and Kids Parks in Tokyo

Top Indoor Tokyo Birthday Party Venues for Babies and Kids

Top 10 Japanese Cartoons for Children 0-6 Years Old

10 Popular Japanese & English Book Series for Babies and Toddlers

VI. Clothing and Toys

Top 10 Tokyo Toy Stores

Top Recommended Tokyo Baby Kids Clothing Stores

10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen

10 Best English and Japanese Baby Apps for Parents

Gifts for Baby – 0-9 months

The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers

10 Best Japanese Items For A Toddler

TOC Shopping Center, Gotanda – Central Tokyo Shopping For House & Kids Items

VII. Travel

Traveling With Babies and Toddlers – The Essentials

20 Tips For Traveling With Kids


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