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Tokyo Academics, Tutoring in English

Free Seminar – Sunday, January 14 – Determining Your Summer Plan and Developing Your Child’s X-Factor

If you have a teen or tween in Tokyo and are planning for college, we highly recommend Tokyo Academics and their Free 5 upcoming seminars for students and parents. As moms of multiple children who have attended a mix of Japanese and international schools, our kids have needed various support in English on subjects such as math and chemistry to mentoring for special projects.  We used to think that our kids should be able to get all the support they need at their schools, but with the huge diversity of students and teachers sometimes your kid needs some extra help. Tokyo Academics has become the premier English-only education center in Tokyo over the past six years. I met Neil Nguyen-Huu, Founder, and asked some important questions to help parents understand the Tokyo Academics services, and Tokyo Academics, Tutoring in Englishhow to help their child.   Check out the Tokyo Academics Free Seminars below & sign-up here.

Tokyo Academics (Azabu) – Helping Your Tokyo Teen Succeed  – Tokyo Seminars, classes, and tutoring

Tokyo Academics is also offering a series of FREE seminars for parents and teens in the 2017-2018 academic year. Please register for these free events on the Tokyo Academics Website (http://www.tokyoacademics.com/ta-college-talks).

Tokyo Academics Free Seminars – Sunday Evenings from 19:00 – 21:00

  • October 22, 2017  – Planning For & Understanding the SAT/ACT & SAT Subject Tests
  • November 12, 2017 – Identifying Personal Goals and How to Build a College List 
  • January 14, 2018 – Determining Your Summer Plan and Developing Your Child’s X-Factor
  • February 25, 2018 – How to Plan a Summer College Tour From Tokyo
  • April 22, 2018  – Writing an Effective and Impactful College Admissions Essay

Tokyo Academics, Tutoring in EnglishInterview with Neil Nguyen, Funder of Tokyo Academics

Q1. Can you explain to busy parents what Tokyo Academics is?

A1. Tokyo Academics is an international academic and prep center which provides tutoring and academic support to help students learn core skills and stimulates intellectually curiosity. Services are offered to elementary-high school students on 1-1 subject tutoring, skill classes, standardized test prep & boarding and college counseling, robotics, programming, and research and special project support.

Q2. Neil why did you start Tokyo Academics?

A2. I was studying for a Master in Economics at the University of Tokyo and found myself tutoring on the side. I soon realized I loved helping students with skills but also mentoring. I founded Tokyo Academics in 2013, and we have taught and guided over 1,000 students in the past four years. Between Palo Alto and Tokyo we have taught and guided thousands of students over the years. Parents and students requests from expanded services have resulted in Tokyo Academics offering, not just 1:1 tutoring, college counseling, robotics & programming, and more.

Tokyo Academics Q3. What are different types of students come to Tokyo Academics?

A3. We have a huge variety of students and nationalities who come to Tokyo Academics, but the main groups I would say are the following:

    1. Students who need help to grasp or accelerate subject learning

    2. Students who are preparing for standardized testing – SSAT, ACT, SAT, etc.

    3. Families who want counseling for boarding school or college/university entry

    4. Students who need guidance and support on deep research projects

    5. Students who want to learn about software or hardware.

Q4. Is Tokyo Academics right for all students?

A4. Tokyo Academics is an English-speaking education center, so we are focused on students who are leaning in an English language environment. Students have to be self-motivated and want to improve. We can not help a student if they are being forced to attend and don’t care about results. We believe the Tokyo Academics community is special because we attract students who want to learn subjects but also grow themselves. Our students are free to stay and study and do homework in the Tokyo Academic space since so many of them feel the environment helps them focus.

Q5. How do you work with parents to support the learning process?

A5. Our programs are only effective if parents, students, and teachers are all engaged and provide input. We meet with parents and students on initial phases of diagnostics and counseling. Once the student is in a program they are responsible for homework and deliverables. Teachers provide ongoing written feedback and are always available to talk with parents.

Tokyo Academics, Tutoring in EnglishQ6. How has the business changed since launch?

A6. At first, Tokyo Academics was a handful of teachers focused on helping high school student tactically pass classes or lift grades. With over 50 teachers & subject experts we have broadened our classes and support for elementary to high school students on core skills and learning, and also gone deeper into subject matters such as testing, counseling, and tech. We are also very focused on helping students identify their passions and guide them to be self-driven. Tokyo Academics supports many community groups by contributing to and supporting groups and events such as the Harvard Club, Women in Tech, and TEDx.

Q7. What are the qualifications or credentials of your teaching team?

A7. We hire our teaching staff from the top International colleges and universities. They need to have top scores and grades, be personal and inspiring but also have a depth in what they study and/or have awesome projects they continue to be passionate about. We also have certified experts in curriculum building, training, and counseling. Our teachers and counselors need to be not just smart people but great motivators to the students. We know that inspiring students is much more powerful than one hour of tutoring.

Q8. What are you most proud of since launching your business?

A8. We are most proud of impacting the lives of thousands of students and the super diverse and inspiring community we have helped build: every year we receive notes and cards from former students all over the world thanking us for our support.

Q9.  Where do you envision your business in 10 years?

A9. Education will continue to transform with new skills and technology necessary. We will continue to evolve our programs to meet the needs of students while helping to teach them the importance of hard work, passion and not to accept mediocracy.  Fundamental to Tokyo Academics success is to continue hiring smart, personable and motivating teachers, curriculum experts and counselors, and matching these teachers and programs to intellectually curious students.

Tokyo Academics (Azabu) – Helping Your Tokyo Teen Succeed  – Tokyo Seminars, classes, and tutoring

Tokyo Academics Details

Address: Hirose Building, 3F, 3-24-17  Nishiazabu, Minato, Tokyo (google map)

Phone:  070-3141-0198

Business Hours: every day 10:00 – 22:00

Website: Tokyo Academics 

Website for Tokyo Techies: http://www.tokyotechies.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TokyoAcademics/

Access: 10 min walk from Hiroo, Roppongi or Nogizaka Stations  (google map)


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