Toile de liberte

Toile de Liberté – Antique Brunch Cafe (Yutenji, Tokyo)

Toile de liberte I love brunch and was thrilled when a friend invited us to her favorite brunch spot, Toile de Liberté (トワル ド リベルテ). Toile de Liberté is an antique cafe located behind Yutenji Temple. The cafe is furnished from floor to ceiling with antiques from around the world, and antique furniture and sundries are on sale on their 2nd floor. Toile de Liberté has been added to the best Tokyo brunch and breakfast list
Toile de liberte They serve a variety of coffees, teas, sodas and specialty drinks, salads and breakfast plates. We ordered the breakfast plate which came with eggs (your style), ham, turkey sausage, fresh foccacia bread and a green salad for 1360 yen; the pancake plate (similar to the breakfast plate, but with fluffy pancakes instead of bread) also 1360 yen; and the kids plate for the little one which came with buttermilk pancakes, hamburg, sweet sausages, a small salad, potato wedges and a juice for 680 yen. The staff took our order then we headed upstairs to Toile de Liberte 2nd fl Macocafe1browse the antique furniture and sundries on sale. A beautiful collection not to be missed.

The food was delicious and the atmosphere relaxing. Child & Pet-Friendly.


Toile de Liberté Details

Toile de liberte Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 Closed Sundays, Mondays & Holidays
Address: 2-1-1- Nakachou, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (〒153-0065 東京都目黒区中町2-1-1)
Phone: 03-5708-5931
Access: A 9-min walk from Yutenji Station (one stop from Nakameguro Station)


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Toile de liberte Toile de liberte


Toile de Liberté – Antique Cafe, Yutenji

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