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Tips and Resources for Parents in Tokyo

We just returned to Tokyo after a long summer in the US. The kids are back in school so, I thought I`d take this time to share some tips and resources that have helped me survive my years with kids in Tokyo.

TIPS and RESOURCES for Parents in Tokyo

– Do not be afraid to ask for help. You are living and raising your child(ren) in a foreign country without the help from your family and close friends, and for some, without your husband. It can be overwhelming and stressful. Reach out. It`s good for both you and your child.
– Meet other mothers. There are a number of mommy groups popping up and a number of classes to take your child to to meet new parents. We`re all in the same boat. Meeting other mothers helped me and continues to help me survive my years in Tokyo.
– Nanny Referral from the Tokyo Mothers Group (Ask mothers if they can refer a nanny)

A few Parent & Child(ren) meet up groups
– Tokyo International Parents
– English Playgroup in Tokyo
– Tokyo Toddlers Playgroup
– West Tokyo Playgroup

* If there isn`t one near you, be proactive and create your own!

Informational Facebook Groups:
These groups helped me, and continue to help me, whenever I have questions regarding pregnancy, delivery, raising kids in Japan, places to visit, Japanese products and schooling.
Tokyo Pregnancy Group
Tokyo Mothers Group
KA International Mothers in Japan

Purchasing Items:
Tokyo is an expensive city to live in and shopping for yourself/your kids can break the bank. Welcome the following Facebook Groups designed for selling new and used items.
Japan`s FB Garage Sale – All Things Kids!
Japan FB Garage Sale – Everything Else
Tokyo Garage Sale – Pick up only
Mottainai Japan (Passing on unwanted items for FREE)

iHerb sells food, nutritional supplements and other healthy products internationally at a very low or sometimes a 0 yen delivery fee. Join the iHerb FB Japan group (IHERB, Japan LOVES you!) to listen to reviews/favorite products/recipes/share hauls.
Use the gift code HBM691 to receive $10 off your first order of $40 or more, or $5 off orders less than $40.


My son attends Japanese Kindergarten which means I have to make daily obentos (school lunches). Cookpad, a Japanese cooking website, is a godsend. It is the largest cooking recipe sharing community in Japan with 20 million monthly unique users, including 80% of all Japanese women in their 20s and 30s, and it`s in English!

Great ideas for making children`s obentos (lunches)
Everything else
Another great Japanese food blog

Sometimes it can be difficult obtaining a taxi during rush hour or in the rain – plus the fare can be outrageous. Welcome Uber, a taxi and ride share company. Uber connects riders to drivers using their app. If you want to try it, use this coupon code for $20 off your first ride: sandrat61


Do you have additional resources you would like to share? I would love to hear them!

** This content was originally published on Tokyo Stroller which has now merged with Best Living Japan. We hope you enjoy the new combined site. **


TIPS and RESOURCES for Parents in Tokyo

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