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Three Twins Organic

Three Twins Organic Ice Cream Shop (Daikanyama, Tokyo)

Three Twins Organic is a Californian-born ice cream shop that offers 11 different flavours of natural ice cream without artificial colourings, seasonings and preservatives. Popular flavors are Madagascar Vanilla, the sweet-and-sour blend of orange and chocolate named Chocolate Orange Confetti, and the San Francisco fave, Sea Salt Caramel. They also carry lemon cookie, mint confetti, mexican chocolate and dad`s cardamom among others.

Located inside Daikanyama station grab a cup or cone with an fun selection of toppings; cacao nibs, quinoa puffs, pistachios, rasberry crisps and sprinkles (80 yen + tax) then venture out and explore the Daikanyama Area.

Three Twins Organic

Price List:

Single380 yen
Little Double500 yen
Double680 yen
Three Twins550 yen
Homemade waffle100 yen
Toppings80 yen
Pints1200 yen
Cups390 yen

 Three Twins Organic Three Twins Organic

Three Twins Organic Ice cream Daikanyama Details:

Address: Daikanyama Station Bldg 1F, 19-4 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku (東京都渋谷区代官山町19-4)
Phone: 03-6455-1510
Shop Hours: 10: 00-21: 00 Daily
Website: http://threetwinsicecream.jp/
Access: Daikanyama Station (Tokyu Toyoko line)

Three Twins Organic Three Twins Organic


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Three Twins Organic Ice Cream Shop, Daikanyama


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