The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers

10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers. Holiday season nearly always means travel. Whether you’re traveling to catch up with friends and family or heading home after your Japan adventure, you probably have a souvenir list that needs to be completed.

The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers

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In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the 10 best gifts from Japan for babies and toddlers that are sure to be a hit. This list covers all bases and includes a variety of practical gifts, each quirky, unique, and unforgettable.

1. Omamori

The first item on our list is an omamori, a lucky charm or amulet that protect the bearer from illness or other calamities. Simply attach to a child’s backpack or diaper bag for a unique gift with a very heartfelt meaning.

Omamori can be purchased at nearly any shrine or temple in Japan. But, if you can’t make it to a temple or shrine, there’s a temple in Chiba that has its very on Amazon Japan store!

Get it on Amazon Japan for 700 yen

2. Uniqlo HeatTech

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HeatTech s Uniqlo’s patented lightweight thermal wear. It is so popular that in over 15 years Uniqlo has sold nearly 1 billion of HeatTech branded items! The smallest size starts at 80 cm in toddler tops and at 90 cm for toddler bottoms.

HeatTech are unavailable on Amazon Japan, but be sure to hit the Uniqlo shop inside Narita Airport or Kansai International Airport before leaving Japan. 

3. Uniqlo Airism

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Another one of Uniqlo’s best selling items for clothing and babies is the simple range of solid color Airism onesies and tank tops. Running from 60 cm to 100 cm, these lightweight mesh garments are great for absorbing sweat and dry quickly.

Like HeatTech, Uniqlo’s Airism line is unavailable on Amazon Japan. Check out your nearest Uniqlo shop or stop by Uniqlo inside Narita Airport or Kansai International Airport before leaving Japan.


4. Jinbei

Jinbei are like summer kimono for kids but are two piece outfits. They are typically made from cotton, making them a suitable garment for babies and toddlers to wear around the house or family outings during warmer months or in tropical climates. They are a come in a fantastic array of colors and designs. The only problem is choosing one!

Get it on Amazon Japan:

Jinbei style onesie for infant girls – 1,080 yen  


Jinbei style onesie for infant  boys – 1,080 yen
Jinbei for toddler girls -1,080 yen
Jinbei for toddler boys – 1,080  yen

5. Baby Cushion Backpack

One of the hottest products in Japan for babies and toddlers is this bee-shaped padding that protects young explorers as they take their very first steps. Babies wear it like a backpack and it protects the back of their head if they fall when trying to walk. I personally bought this for my daughter when she learned to stand by herself, and I am positive that this bee gave her the confidence to walk. Available on and less than 1,000 yen. 


6. Tamago Boro

Tamago Boro are a nostalgic snack that will take nearly every Japanese person back to their childhood. Perfect for babies and toddlers, these mini balls have a hard layer that instantly crumbles to reveal a center that literally melts in your mouth.

Tamago Boro are often a first choice of snacks for teething babies, and some brands market their tamago boro for infants 7 months and older. Note that the main ingredient in tamago boro are four and eggs, so please consider your recipient’s allergies before gifting these.

Get it on Amazon Japan for 982 yen (Set of 6 boxes with 3 packages inside)

7. Water Bottles

One familiar sight in Japan is seeing kids heading off to school with a water bottle dangling from their neck. Functionality, along with stylish designs are major reasons why Japanese water bottles are in high demand among visitors.  For kindergarten age kids, I recommend Zojirushi’s 2-way stainless steel insulated water bottles. It holds 450 mL of liquid and kids can drink from the straw or cup.

Get it on Amazon Japan – 2,992 yen

For babies, check out the Pigeon baby water bottles. Pigeon is a leading manager of baby items in Japan. This 4 piece set comes with interchangeable parts that adapt to a growing baby’s developing motor skills

Get it on Amazon Japan – 1,909 yen

8. Totoro Diaper Cake

Welcome a new life and share the love of Japan’s beloved animated character, Totoro. This practical, yet stylish diaper cake contains a plush toy, and 2 towels, each adorned with characters from My Neighbor Totoro and individually wrapped diapers. Sizes: S (23 diapers); M (20 diapers); L (18 diapers).

Get it on Amazon Japan – 5,550 yen

9. Kamifusen

Have some eco-friendly fun with the traditional Japanese toy, kamifusen, a paper balloon. Blow air into the hole and try to keep it afloat by hitting it and passing it back and forth. Unlike balloons, kamifusen can be used over and over again. When not in use, deflate and flatten or use as decorations to give your home a Japanese touch.

Get it on Amazon Japan for 660 yen (pack of 4 different sized balloons)



10. “Wooden” blocks

These aren’t your ordinary wooden blocks! They’re handcrafted and actually made with a blend of polypropylene and 100% domestic rice. This is a toy that can be enjoyed by babies 5 months and older.

Get it on Amazon Japan for 5,000 yen

I hope this guide to the 10 best gifts from Japan for babies and toddlers helps you find the perfect souvenir — Happy gift hunting!

The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers

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The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers



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