Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shirogane

Teien Museum (Shirogane, Tokyo) – Architecture and Art Pre-MidCentury

The Teien Museum is a perfectly preserved residence, now museum,  from the 1930’s. The Teien Museum rotates exhibits usually 2-4 times per year – see latest info here.  The Teien Museum, built in 1933, was a private residence Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shiroganeto house the Asaka collateral branch of the Imperial Family. Prince Asaka, wife and children lived in the beautiful art deco residence until 1947 when all branches of the Japanese Imperial families were disbanded.  The museum and grounds are stunning and the museum is offering a welcome room where kids can usually participate in different activities or enjoy books. Walking through the garden and huge house rooms you can image the original family’s children frolicking about.

The Museum also has a lovely cafe and restaurant (DuParc) offering lunch and dinner. Combine a trip to the Teien Museum with the Shirogane Nature Park right next door.

Teien Museum, Shirogane

Yasuhiko Asaka and his wife built the Teien in 1993 after living in France for a few years and falling in love with Art Deco design and architecture which was popular in the 1910 -1930s. Originally called Style Modern, alluding to the “modern materials” used, such as cement, Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shiroganeiron, and chrome, the Art Deco architecture is defined by an intricate aesthetic blend of traditional motifs, geometric patterns, and lively colors.  The house was not damaged in WWII so you can see all the original details of the hand-printed wallpaper from Henri Rapin who actually never visited Japan, but rather just sent the exactly measured wall coverings to Tokyo. Don’t miss the amazing etched glass windows and doors, and lighting fixtures from designer Rene Lalique and numerous other works of art by French sculptures, metal and woodworkers. The house (now the museum) is one of the finest remaining art Deco homes in the world.  The museum has a great new app which is multi-lingual.
Listen to it walking through the museum www.teien-art-museum.ne.jp/app/

Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shirogane Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shirogane

Teien Museum (Shirogane, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Details
Address: 5-21-9 Shirokanedai, Minato, Tokyo 108-0071
Phone: 03-3443-0201
Hours: 10:00-18:00; closed the 2nd and 4th Wednesday
Admission: vary due to exhibition; present exhibition is 1,100 JPY for adults, 880 yen for middle school and above students, free for 12 and below (if your middle school students attends school in Tokyo bring school ID to get in free)
Access: 7 min walk from Meguro Station on the JR Yamanote Line (East Exit) and the Tokyu Meguro Line (Main Gate);
6 min walk from Shirokanedai Station (Exit 1) on the Toei Mita Line and Tokyo Metro. *At Shirokanedai Station, an elevator is available at Exit 2.
Website: http://www.teien-art-museum.ne.jp/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokyoteienartmuseum
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teienartmuseum/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/teienartmuseum

Notes: Strollers not allowed in the museum but can be left near the entry. There is s baby changing facilities and family bathroom in the annex building. There is an onsite cafe with serves light meals, tea, and coffee. Also two wonderful gift shops.

Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shirogane Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shirogane Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shirogane Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shirogane Teien Museum, Art Deco Tokyo, Shirogane


Teien Museum, Shirogane


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