Takumi Craft Store, Ginza – 80 years of history!

Takumi Craft Store (Ginza, Tokyo)I have been a customer of Takumi craft store (たくみ)for over 25 years! Seemed like a long time, but when I recently went in to visit and asked how long they have been in business the answer was 80 years. Takumi may be the longest surviving Japanese craft store in Japan. Takumi craft store offers an elegant selection of traditional folk crafts, including textiles, artwork and ceramics from around Japan. Prices of product start at 1,000 yen. The first floor is primarily pottery from famous kiln villages such as Mashiko (Tochigi-ken), Tanba (Hyogo-ken) and Onta (Oita-ken). The second floor has beautiful textiles, baskets and small furniture.

Our other favorite Tokyo Area Dish Stores, include;

Shopping in the wholesale kitchen town of Kappabashi.

Tenpos Buster (Shinjuku) – a 2nd hand wholesaler of dishes and kitchen items from restaurants that have closed. If you are looking for volume this is the place.

Dirty Dish (Kanagawa) – A dish wholesaler in Kanagawa-ken with 40% discount and a huge variety. About a 30 min drive from downtown Tokyo via car.

Takumi Craft StoreDSC_1291

The store manager can also tell you in detail about each artist and item! English is limited so if you want to know the history or artist info of the item you are purchasing it is best to go with a Japanese speaker. Also many of the items come with printed Japanese background info you can have translated later.  If you are touring through Ginza, or around Hibiya park or the Imperial Palace this is a must stop!

If you are touring through Ginza, or around Hibiya park or the Imperial Palace this is a must stop! If you like Takumi, you will also like Megumi (Azabu-Juban), Blue & White (Azabu Juban) and Rin 8890 (Asakusa).

Takumi Craft Store Details

Address: 8-4-2 Ginza, Chūō-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3571-2017
Store hours: Monday – Saturday 11:00-19:00 (Closed Sundays)
Website: www.ginza-takumi.co.jp (Japanese language only)
Access: 10 min walk from Shimbashi station (exit 5), or Ginza station on the Ginza line

Takumi Craft Store Ginza Tokyo BestLivingJapan
1st floor pottery and glass
Takumi Craft Store Ginza Tokyo BestLivingJapan
2nd floor textiles, artwork and furniture
Takumi Craft Store Ginza Tokyo BestLivingJapan
Baskets and Pottery


Takumi Craft Store


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  1. I just love reading your posts everyday! My daughter, Melissa Danielson lives in Tokyo and I have a long list of things I want to see for our next trip. We are very comfortable using the trains there and I love it that you include what train stop to use. We love visiting different neighborhoods. We have not been to Takumi Craft Store. This will be a must stop for our next visit! I have been to Blue & White several time. It is a very charming shop. I collect blue and white items, so of course I wanted everything!
    Looking forward to your next post! Nancy Weed

  2. Nancy, thanks for the nice comment. Yes, please do visit Takumi in Ginza. If you like Blue & White you will certainly enjoy Takumi. I hope to meet you and your daughter in Tokyo some day soon. Lauren

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