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Favorite Organic Food Stores

When I need organic vegetables right away and can`t wait a week for the next delivery (or the next Farmer`s Market) I head to the closest organic shops in Tokyo. Here are my favorite with online options:

1) Precce & Tokyu Stores have a small organic section. Look for the JAS organic sign above.
Precce Website: http://shop.tokyu-bell.jp/tokyu-store/app/common/index (in Japanese)
Tokyu Website: http://www.tokyu-bell.jp/ (in Japanese)
Locations: Tokyo and surrounding areas

2) Oisix
Website: http://www.oisix.com (in Japanese)
Locations: Futakotamagawa Rise – B1 level, Kichijoji – B1 in the Atre Building, Ebisu Mitsukoshi, Nakameguro Tokyu Store, Meguro Precce Store, Sangenjaya Tokyu Store, etc. Full list here.

3) Natural House
Website: http://www.naturalhouse.co.jp (in Japanese)
Locations: Aoyama, Meguro Atre, Shimokitazawa, Yurakucho Itocia, Ikebukuro Tobu Store, Futakotamagawa Rise, etc. Full list here.

4) Crayon House All in one shop (veggies, restaurant, cosmetics, books & toys).
Website: http://www.crayonhouse.co.jp/shop/pages/english_top.aspx
Location: Omotesando

5) F&F 自然食品の店
Website: http://www.shizensyoku-ff.com (in Japanese)
Locations: Shibuya, Jiyugaoka, Musashikoyama, Takashimaya Tamagawa, Shinjuku`s Keio Dept Store, etc. Full list here.

Another resource for fresh, organic food are the Tokyo Area Farmer`s Markets. Here is a list from the archives. ** Ask for “Yuuki” (有機) which means Organic in Japanese. **

Tokyo Farmers Markets

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  1. Where do you have produce delivered from? I am relatively new to tokyo and was dying to find a organic produce delivery service!

    • Hi Melissa,
      I use OISIX.com. You`ll need a friend who can read Japanese to set it up for you. Once that`s done, ordering is a breeze. =)

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