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Till the end of March Strawberry Picking

Tokyo Area Strawberry Picking – January to late March

Strawberry Picking tokyo - Day Trips from Tokyo BestLivingJapanJanuary to late March is a great time for a family trip for strawberry picking in the Tokyo area. Here is our updated 2018-2019 list of top strawberry picking gardens you can enjoy in the Tokyo area on a half-day or one-day trip. We have chosen four gardens; two in Chiba, one in Saitama and one in Kanagawa. Many of these gardens run through May, but best strawberries are January through February, cost of picking decreases at most gardens as the picking become less ideal.

Strawberry Picking Tokyo Areas

Similar to other types of vegetable and fruit picking in Japan there is usually a fixed price for a 30 mins of all-you-can-eat picking. Most gardens charge similar pricing approximately 1,500-2,000 yen per adult down to 500 yen for elementary kids. Notes: All gardens will also sell you strawberries to take home for an additional fee, have free parking, and advise on reservations for groups over ten people to reduce the waiting time. Great fun activity and healthy too!

If you have recommendations, on great strawberry picking locations please comment below or send info via the contact form. The information below is as December 2018; please double-check the info before heading out to confirm.

Strawberry Picking Locations

Strawberry Picking tokyo1. Kawatsura Strawberry Farm (Chiba) (かわつら苺園) – Started in 1964 this is one of the longest running family strawberry gardens in Japan. This garden is special since they do not have a time limit on how long you can pick and eat in the garden. Be sure to come early in the morning since Kawatsura closes when the red strawberries run out for the day (usually in the afternoon). They also are trying to move to 100% pesticide free, so there are honeybees in the garden. Read our tips when visiting Kawatsura Strawberry Farm.

image_topKawatsura Strawberry Farm Details
address: 478 Hayafune, Sanmu, Chiba (千葉県山武市早船478)
phone: 080-3749-3271 (English spoken)
open: December 16 – to the end of May,  Weekday : 10:00 open; Sundays and Holidays open 9:20. Close each day in the afternoon when red strawberry are gone for the day. Reservations necessary for Jan 2019.

(over 7 years)
(4-6 years)
(under 3 years)
Dec.15 – Jan. 42,000 yen1,600 yen500 yen
Jan. 5 – Mar. 241,700 yen1,300 yen500 yen
Mar. 25 – Apr. 61,500 yen1,100 yen500 yen
Apr. 7- Early May1,200 yen800 yen300 yen

access: By car, it will take approximately and hour and a half traveling from the Tokyo metropolitan area when using the highways. By train, it takes and hour and 10 minutes from Tokyo station on the express train named “shiosai”. If driving set your navigation to 0475-82-4328, that is a gas station near-by.

website: http://www.kawatsura15.com/e/index.html
Our Visit: https://bestlivingjapan.com/kawatsura-strawberry-farm/

Video of Strawberry picking at Kawatsura.


****Strawberry Picking Tokyo Area

2. Roman no Mori Kyowa Koku Strawberry Farm (Chiba)  (ロマンの森共和国いちご狩り農園) – Leave Tokyo around 8:00 and you will be first in line. If you are going to visit Roman no Mori, I recommend you go to Kamogawa SeaWorld, which is about 12K away, or Mothers Farm (animal farm) about 10K away. Doing all three sights in one day might be tough. Roman no Mori also has a hotel you can stay in if you want to rest the night and make it a weekend trip. One Best Living Japan reader stated that you must go really early to get strawberries – when she arrived at noon the strawberry picking was done for the day.

Unknown-2Roman no Mori Kyowa Koku Strawberry Farm Details
Address: 659-1 Toyohide, Kimitsu , Chiba (千葉県君津市豊英659-1)
Phone: 0439-38-2211
open: January 1st to the end of May, weekdays (Wednesday holiday) 10:00~15:30; Sat & Sun 9:30~17:00
January 4 – February 28, 2019 : adults 3,200 yen, 4 years – elementary 2,700 yen
March 1 – April 7 adults 3,500 yen, 4 years – elementary Plan A 2,500 yen, Plan B 3,000 yen
April 8 – 26: adults Plan A 2,400 yen, Plan B 2,800 yen; 4 years – elementary Plan A 1,900 yen, Plan B 2,400 yen
Access: one-hour drive from Tokyo across Aqua Line; train and bus take about 2 hours
Website: Roman no Mori kyouwakoku Strawberry Farm


Strawberry Picking - Day Trips from Tokyo BestLivingJapan3. Tsukuihama Kankonoen (Kanagawa) 【津久井浜観光農園】This garden offers strawberries in the winter and mikan (tangerines) and sweet potatoes in the autumn. This garden offers 30 minutes all you can eat for a set price for all visitors over 3 years of age. You can also have a BBQ at the garden; call ahead to reserve BBQ.

Tsukuihama Kankonoen Details
Address: 5-15-20 Tsukui, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県横須賀市津久井5-15-20)
Phone: 046-849-4506 (Tourist office closed Sat and Sun, Call M-F)
open: January 1st to May 5th, Open every day 9:00-15:00
Cost: 30 mins all you can eat – Jan 1-5 over 3 yrs 1,900 yen, Jan 6-Feb end 1,700 yen, March 1,500 yen, April – May 5th 1,200 yen
Access: 15 mins from the Sahara IC via route 134 from Yokohama Yokosuka road by car; from Shinagawa station take the Keihin-kyuko line 京浜急行 to
Keikyu Tsukuihama Station → walk 20 minutes (with shuttle bus until January 1 – March 31) 

Website: Tsukuihama Garden (Japan Agriculture portal -Japanese language only)


****Strawberry Picking Tokyo Area

4. Strawberry Hunt (Saitama) – This garden specializes in Strawberries and also rice. If you are heading in this direction go to the garden 1st thing in the a.m. then on the return have lunch and sightsee for the afternoon in Kawagoe “Little Edo” for a full-day of fun! Note: check their website top page before you go to make sure they have ripe strawberries to pick.

Strawberry Hunt Details
address: Kamiomino 1072, Kawashima, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture  (埼玉県比企郡川島町上小見野 1072)
phone: 049-297-7909
open: Mid January to end of May for strawberries; open every day except New Years day, hours 10:00-15:00

access: 1 to 1.5 hour from Tokyo on the Kanetsu expressway if no traffic, 1 hr 30 mins from Shinjuku on the Tobu Tojo Line.
website: Strawberry Hunt


Adult (above elementary school student)Dwarf (3 years old ~ preschool)
 Jan 2 – April 71,800 yen1,100 yen
April 8 – May 61,500 yen900 yen
May 7/ late May1,000 yen600 yen

Strawberry Picking Tokyo Area


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