Iijima Flower Garden (Kanagawa) – Strawberry and Vegetable Picking

Iijima Farm strawberry and vegetable pickingIijima Flower Garden is a quaint farm centrally located in Kanagawa. They offer 30 minute all-you-can-eat strawberries that are pesticide-free. Picking is at ground or planter levels. They also offer 13 other types of fruits and vegetable picking over the year. Strawberries (Jan-May), Cabbage (Dec-May), Daikon (Nov-April), Carrots & Turnips (Nov-Mar), Sweet Potatoes (Sept-Oct), Melons (July-Aug), Pumpkins, Corn, Watermelon (July-Aug), Eggplant (July-Oct), Potatoes (June) and Tomatoes (June-Oct).

 Iijima Flower Garden (Kanagawa) – Strawberry and Vegetable Picking

Iijima Farm toolsOur kids loved learning how food is grown, digging their own vegetables then having it for dinner that evening. We took home daikon, carrots, broccoli, cabbage and strawberries. We made a delicious broccoli salad, used the daikon for miso soup, used shredded cabbage as a bed for tonkatsu, and used strawberries to make strawberry short cake.

Iijima Farm strawberry pickingWe recommend packing a light lunch and leaving early in the morning for the farm. Pick and eat strawberries, have a light lunch then start digging your vegetables. Clean gloves, spades and baskets are provided at no charge near the payment area. When you`re ready to dig take the items, collect your vegetables then return the used items. Take the vegetables to the payment area, make a payment, get them bagged then head home.

Iijima Farm strawberry picking containerStrawberry Picking Tips for first timers:

– Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
– Go early in the morning as all the ripe strawberries are eaten by late afternoon.
– You will be given a plastic container with two pockets. One pocket is used to hold sweetened condensed milk (for dipping your strawberry) and the other is to hold the leaf of the strawberry after it has been eaten.
– Have a set of wet tissues handy for your children. Eating strawberries can get messy.

Iijima Farm digVegetable digging Tips for first timers:
– To dig carrots & daikon dig around the vegetables then pull.
– To harvest cabbage give the plant a sharp twist to sever the roots.
– Broccoli: Cut the base of the broccoli with a knife.

*** Strawberry and Vegetable Picking at Iijima Flower Garden ***

Iijima Flower Garden Details
Address: 1534 Kaneda, Minamishitauramachi, Miura, Kanagawa-ken (〒238-0103神奈川県三浦市南下浦町金田1534)
Phone: 090-9283-0017  or  046-882-6772
Open: 10:00 – 17:00; Closed Monday and Fridays; open all other days and national holidays
Iijima Farm payment-strawberry and vegetable pickingCost: December end – January 5th: elementary to adults 1,900 yen; 3-6 years 1000 yen; 2 and under free; January 6 – February 29:  elementary to adults 1,700 yen; 3-6 years 900 yen; March 1 – April 5: elementary to adults 1,500 yen; 3-6 years 800 yen; April 6 – mid-May: elementary to adults 1,300 yen; 3-6 years 700 yen; Golden Week elementary to adults 1,100 yen; 3-6 years 600 yen.
Access: 30 mins from the Kinugawa IC in Yokohama by car; about 70-90 mins from Shinagawa station in Tokyo; by train take the Keikyu line to Misakiguchi station, then the bus to Matsuwa and then walk 15 mins.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iijimanouen/

*** Strawberry and Vegetable Picking at Iijima Flower Garden ***

Iijima Farm shopIijima Farm broccoli pull Iijima Farm daikon Iijima Farm daikon pull Iijima Farm strawberry and vegetable picking map


Strawberry and Vegetable Picking at Iijima Flower Garden, Kanagawa

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