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Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka – 23 Hours of Pure Relaxation

Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure RelaxationSpa World made it on our list of TOP Theme Parks in Japan. Spa World Osaka is an excellent place to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Open from 10:00 – 8:45am the next day, this popular onsen theme park is equip with all your relaxation needs; themed saunas, stone spas, indoor and outdoor onsens, massages, a fitness gym, sleeping rooms, a pool with lazy river and slides, kids park, game room, and hotel.

Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka – 23 Hours of Pure Relaxation

Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure RelaxationWhen you enter Spa World purchase your tickets, hand them to the staff at the main entrance then take off your shoes. Once the staff takes your ticket they will give you a wristband. The wristbands are to be used throughout the facility for charges on massages, purchases of food and drink, etc. Place your shoes in one of their shoe lockers. To lock the locker you must place a 100 yen coin in the coin slot to remove the locker key. 100 yen will be returned to you when you retrieve your shoes and return the key.

Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure RelaxationHead to the locker room where there will be a pile of loose-fitting cotton two-piece outfits; blue for men, pink for women to wear for the entire visit. Children`s clothing can be received from the locker room service counter attendant. Change your clothes then lock them in the locker using two 100 yen coins. The coins will be returned to you when you return the key.

Spa World has four floors of pure relaxation. The 4F Europe zone holds seven different themed rooms; a jacuzzi-style bath in Ancient Rome, an Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure Relaxationherbal/medicinal bath in Greece, open air bath with water fall in Spain, a Sauna House in Finland and more. The Europe zone also offers a body scrub, massages and Kids Park. Note: The European zones are available for women only during Odd Months and Men only during Even months.

Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka – 23 Hours of Pure Relaxation

The Kids Park is a huge room filled with a bouncy castle and slide, pirate ship, ball pit and reading corner. This fabulous area is 500 yen + 500 yen deposit Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure RelaxationMonday – Friday (500 yen deposit returned upon leaving the kids space) for as long as you want but one parent must remain in the room. There is no re-entry once you leave. The Weekend rate is 500 yen / hour. Parents can relax in one of two massage chairs (200 yen / 15 min) while the kids run freely and are entertained by the staff. To start the massage chair press the green button, touch your wristband to the screen then sit back and relax.

Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure RelaxationThe 6F Asia Zone has seven different baths; Hinoki Bath, Bali resort-style bath, Dr. Spa which includes an oxygen, hydrogen and carbonated bath, two outdoor baths and stone baths. Note: Asian zones are available for women only during Even Months and Men only during Odd months. The floor also holds holds a fitness gym, body scrub, and salon.

The 8F pool zone holds a huge amusement pool full of fun aquatic playground equipment, waterslides, swirly slides, a lazy river, salt pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi-style bath that both men and women can enjoy in their swimming suits. We took a peak at the pool floor before closure and were amazed at the size of the place. We could see why it was so popular in summer. Free entrance for elementary school aged and under however there is a charge to use the slides. Height & Weight restrictions apply.

Spa WorldThe 3rd floor Kids Space and Food court area had a variety of foods to enjoy from dining restaurant style or a la carte in their relaxation area. There were plenty of tables to sit and enjoy your meal. Kids could play in their colorful kids room and parents could take turns going to the relaxation stations to receive massages.


Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure Relaxation– It costs 1200 JPY to enter Spa World with a 3-hour ticket. Children 12 yrs and under 1,000 yen.
– Take three 100 yen coins. You will need them to use their shoe and dressing room lockers. The coins are refunded to you when you return the key to the lockers.
– The European and Asian zones are open to either men or women and the schedule rotates every month.
European zones: EVEN months – Men only / ODD months – Women only
Asian zones: EVEN months – Women only / ODD months – Men only
– Patrons with tattoos are not allowed, but I saw a few patrons with waterproof bandages covering their tattoos.
– Patrons with long hair must tie it up in the bath.
– Make payment at the machines located on the main floor. Keep your receipt as you will need this to exit.
– Gift shop, game center and access to the Spa World Hotel is located on the main floor.

Saunas are available for both men and women as well as children from elementary school age. Weekdays 800 yen; Sat, Sun & Holidays 10:00 – 22:00 1,000 JPY.

This is a great spot to visit after a day exploring Tennoji Zoo. If in Tokyo visit Oedo Onsen Monogatari, the Disneyland of Onsens.

Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure RelaxationSpa World, Osaka Details:

Address: 3-4-24 Ebisu-higashi Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi
Phone: 06-6631-0001
Hours: 10:00 – 8:45am the next day
Access: Osaka Subway, outside Dobutsuen-Mae Station; JR – located just outside Shin-Imamiya Station; Nankai Railway located just outside Shin-Imamiya Station.

Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure Relaxation Spa World, Tennoji, Osaka - 23 Hours of Pure Relaxation Spa World


Spa World, Osaka


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