Soul Food House (Azabu Juban, Tokyo)

If you are looking for a REAL American Soul Food fix than Soul Food House should be your destination. Soul Food House @ 148 (official name) offers an awesome brunch on Sundays, lunch and dinner (Wed-Sat) (with the food that all Southerners grew up with – fried chicken, waffles, BBQ pulled pork, gumbo, biscuits, catfish, chitlins and greens. This food is Soul Food House Tokyo 1authentic and brought to you from the owners and cooks LaTonya and David Whitaker from Mississippi and Georgia and are doing a great job bring that at home feel to Tokyo. Love their breakfast.  Checkout all our top Tokyo breakfast & brunch recommendations.

Soul Food House @148, Azabu JubanSoul Food House Tokyo 1

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, so we visited for the brunch as soon as they opened on Sunday morn’. My teen opted for the waffles and fried chicken plate (1,480 yen), Baby and I had a fried egg slide and hashbrowns (980 yen ) and a side dish of Soul Food House Tokyobiscuits and gravy (780 yen). The waffle were light and fluffy which compliment the crispy fried chicken – maple syrup served on the side so you can adjust the sweetness. My egg slider and hashbrowns were the perfect amount for me and absolutely wonderful. Biscuits are my favorite so saved those for last, and they were a treat melting in our mouths with the gravy. An Soul Food House TOkyo, Azabu Jubanawesome brunch!

Check out their dinner and brunch menues.

While we were waiting the chef sent out a small serving of waffles to keep Baby happy – didn’t even need to ask. LaTonya and David totally love kids let me know as their little one woke and played that family and noise is just part of Soul Food House TOkyo 2the fun! Definitely a family friendly restaurant!

Soul Food House

Before we even left the Soul Food House my teenager was zinging his friends with social media bits about this “amazing and huge breakfast location in the Juban”. We will be back for dinner soon. Thursday night is open microphone night (the owners also be musicians and a gospel singer) – sounds fun!

Soul Food House Details
Address: 2Pation Azabu Juban 6F, -8-10 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo (麻布十番2-8-10 Patio麻布十番6F)Soul Food House TOkyo
Phone: 03-5765-2148
Open hours: Sunday 11:00 -15:00, Wed-Sat 17:00 -23:00, Closed Monday and Tuesday
Access: 3 min walk from Azabu Juban Station on the Oedo and Namboku Lines. Located directly across from the Blue and White Shop and the Peacock Super.

Note: LaTonaya also has cooking classes and the restaurant accommodates parties.


Soul Food House

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