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Shinkansen Bullet Train Trivia – Info to Educate and Impress Your Kids

Impress and educate your kids with some Shinkansen Bullet Train Trivia on your family trip. The Shinkansen train system was invented over 50 years ago, but the technology, efficiency, and cleanliness continue to awe residents and travelers. Here are our top trivia tips which have been kid tested to prove interesting. Make your speedy trip even pass faster!  If you love transportation fun, check out our Favorite Japan cars, trains and plane locations. As moms of boys we are in the know!!

Shinkansen Bullet Train Trivia - Info to Educate and Impress Your Kids


1. Number of Shinkansen Train Station in Japan?  Answer:  109 * There are approximately 10,500 train stations in Japan.

2. Number of Shinkansen Trains in Japan? Answer: Approximately 330

3. What does ‘Shinkansen’ mean in English? Answer: New Trunk Line

4. When did the Shinkansen train system begin? Answer: 1964 (Just in time of the first Olympics in Japan in 1964.)

5. What is the capacity of a 16 car Shinkansen train? Answer: 1,323 seats + standing capacitycc

6. What is the present max speed? Answer: 320 Km/h (200 mph)

7. How many deaths have there been due to derailment or collision? Answer: Zero

8. What are the English translations of the three main Shinkansen trains? Answer: Nozomi (Hope), Hikari (Ray of Light), and Kodama (Echo).

9. What is the average delay of Shinkansen trains? Answer: under 40 sec (Official late is 1 min vs. US/UK 10 mins and France 15 mins.)

10. Why are the coaches air-sealed? Answer: To maintain air pressure when entering tunnels at high speed.

11. How long is the average stop at a station? Answer: 50 seconds

12. Does the Shinkansen have an automated driving system? Answer: No, driving is manual. The only automation is a high speed prevention system to make sure the train does not go too fast!

Top Bullet Train Trivia 

***Fun fact – the rows of seats can be swivel so groups of people can talk to each other. Step on the peddle under the seats to turn. Fun for families.

Shinkansen Bullet Train Trivia - Info to Educate and Impress Your Kids

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