Shinagawa Children’s Park (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

Shinagawa Children’s Adventure Park is one of those places you find about after years living in a city and say “wow, I have been missing out.”  The park located adjacent to the Shinagawa Aquarium is amazing. The Park has a modern and super toddler-friendly playground with soft foam ground covering and brightly colored equipment, kids and adult free bike rentals and a mud park.  Shinagawa Children’s Adventure Park also has an outdoor pool open from July 10 through the first week for September (2019). There is also a very inexpensive public paid parking lot at the park if you are driving. There is also a snack shop and very nice bathrooms. Plan to spend at least half a day at this park. If your kids loves adventure and getting muddy, try out our other favorite “mud parks” in Tokyo. 

Shinagawa Children's Adventure Park - Amazing Tokyo Playground, Mud Park and Bike Rentals

The highlights of this playground are the rainbow slide, zip line and big white soft jumping dome “fuwa fuwa domu”. Much of the ground is covered in blue foam so little bodies do not get hurt.

The mud park/adventure park is over the hill from the playground. The mud park has shovels, building tools, fires to burn, and crafts to make. There are informal activities lead by some volunteers afterschool hours and weekend, and summer breaks. Make sure to bring extra clothes.

The park has a bike path all around the perimeter. You can borrow bikes for free and bike the trail. Training wheel bikes are available. It is first come first serve so you may need to wait on a busy day. The bike path is a flat so perfect for new bikers.

The ShinagawaCommunity Pool is open from the second week of July through the 1st week of September. There are two pools – one for little and one for big kids. Details for the pool is on our Tokyo pool page.

Shinagawa Children’s Adventure Park 
Address: 3-2-1 Katsushima, Shinagawa City, Tokyo (google map)
Open Hours: 6:00 – 20:30
Directions: 5 min walk from Tachiaigawa Station on the Keikyu line (from Shinagawa station); 20 min drive from Roppongi or Shibuya via car (paid public parking also available)



Shinagawa Children's Park

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