Shiba Park Playground

Shiba Park Playground (Shiba Koen, Tokyo)

The Shiba Park Playground is a great space, with updated play equipment in a downtown Tokyo central park. The play equipment is some of the best I have seen in a public park and the ground under the climbing equipment is padded – probably because the park is directly in front of the Minato-ku town hall. The Shiba Park Playground has swings, a seesaw, sand pit, ride on bouncers, and a climbing gym. The playground is also large enough to kick or throw a ball around. The playground is well shaded by large trees and has a public bathroom. This park will definitely will be added to the Best Living Japan best Tokyo kids park list.

Shiba Park Playground, Shiba Koen, Shiba Park Playground, Best Living JapanMinato-ku

IMG_6820Very convenient if you are visiting the Minato-ku town hall, Daimon or Zōjō-ji Temple and need a little pit stop of the little ones. Shiba Park is quite large and wraps around Zōjō-ji.  The playground is in the far corner in the direction of Shinbashi; It is located right behind the Onarimon Station Exit #9  (on the Mita Line) which also has an elevator for strollers.

We also recommend you investigate Zōjō-ji Temple and the other areas of the great Shiba Park. There are many restaurants and a Starbucks near the Daimon Gate that are family friendly. Tokyo Tower is also just up the hill which is a popular outing for families.

Shiba Park Playground, Best Living Japan


Shiba Park Playground, Shiba Koen, Minato-ku

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