Setagaya Play Park, Ikejiri – Where Kids Build Fires, Saw Wood and Take Risks

Setagaya Park, Ikejiri (世田谷公園) offers a number of fun outdoor activities from rides on a mini SL train, a free pedal cart course, running and cycling course, flea markets, playgrounds and more. My son and his friends have begun frequenting their shanty town known as “play park” – an area where kids can learn to build their own bonfires, cut wood, climb trees, roast sweet potatoes/marshmallows, etc. – rare at most parks. Young children play on equipment made from discarded pieces of wood, balance, and swing on ropes tied to trees, build fires, dig holes, and learn about nature.  If you are looking for other “adventure mud parks” to dig and build, check out our Mud park list here. 

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Setagaya Play Park, Ikejiri – Adventure Mud park

Setagaya Park diggingThe play park is run by a non-profit organization that runs 3 other play parks in Setagaya-ku; Hanegi Play Park (Shirota 4-38-52, Setagaya), Komaza Harappa Play Park (Komazawa 3-21, Setagaya) and Karasuyama Play Park (8-5 Kitakarasuyama, Setagaya). The NPO offers both free and paid events from bread making to lectures. Their motto is to “play freely at your own risk”. Setagaya park also has two separate playgrounds with `safe` equipment to play freely on.

Take a hand towel and an extra set of clothes – your kids will get dirty. Also, supervise your children when they are building a fire and using the hand tools; hammers, saws and sickle. The staff are there to assist and answer questions not supervise children.

Stop in Fungo Sandwich & Burger Cafe for lunch or take out and picnic in the open area. Highly recommend Granny Smith`s for their seasonal pies. Both shops are located just outside Setagaya Park in Mishuku.
Setagaya Park Fountain

Setagaya Play Park Details

Address: 1-5-2 Ikejiri, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo (東京都世田谷区池尻1-5-2) Google Map
Access: A 14-min walk from Ikejiri-Ohashi Station
Website: (in Japanese)
Facebook Page

setagaya play parkSetagaya Play Park Setagaya Park track map  Setagaya Play Park Rope Tokyo mud park


Setagaya Play Park – Where Kids Build Fires, Saw Wood and Take Risks


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