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Sayama Berry Farm

Sayama Berry Picking Farm, Saitama

Sayama treeThe rain was supposed to be very light/stop last Saturday so we checked the blueberry picking websites at 8am. Sayama Berry Land posted they were open for picking! The kids were ecstatic! We packed up the car, put the Sawaya phone number in the car navigation and headed out. We had a late start and got there around 10:30am (best to leave the house before 9am).

Sayama Berry Land

Sayama familySayama Berry Land (Saitama-ken) (狭山ベリーランド) has one of the largest blueberry farms in the Tokyo area with over 50 types of berries and 2,000 bushes. The blueberry bushes are in covered mesh houses.

They have two parking areas; one where their office is located and the other near the berry farms. We purchased the tickets at the office, received three plastic containers, crossed the road, walked passed the plastic covered strawberry farm and entered the green, mesh-covered blueberry farm. There was a sweet, elderly lady who greeted us. She took our tickets, explained to us to find blueberries that are blue all the way to the stem (the most ripe) then gave us a neck badge with a time to finish written on it. It had rained the night before so the blueberry trees were still wet with rain. Keep track of the time. Blueberry picking goes fast! When your time is up, hand the badge back to the lady and she`ll place your blueberry containers in a plastic bag. Then head home!

Sayama menuThe office sells pre-picked and packaged blueberries, blueberry and strawberry jams and soba (great for gifts!), asparagus, dine-in salad and soba meals, blueberry juice and blueberry topped soft cream. They have an outdoor dining area to enjoy the meal. It had started to rain lightly so we passed.


Sayama oat– Each row holds a different variety of blueberry. Taste a blueberry and decide if that`s the row you want to pick from.
– If it had rained the night before, take rain boots and a light rain jacket for the kids to wear while picking. The blueberry trees are pretty high. If you have little ones they`ll get wet.
– There are a number of family restaurants a 10 min drive from the farm. We had lunch then the kids had a nice nap on the drive home.
– This farm also has strawberry harvesting from December – May and Shitake mushrooms from October – April.
– Sayama Berry Land is about a one hour drive or train ride (the closest station is Minami Otsuka Station) from central Tokyo, very close to Kawagoe “Little Edo”.
Sayama blueberries

For more blueberry picking locations, take a look at our recommendations here;


Sayama Berry Land Details

Sayama signAddress: 1262-5 Horigane, Sayama-shi, Saitama (〒350-1312埼玉県狭山市堀兼1262-5)
Phone:04-2958-8000 (Japanese language only)
Open: June – September 10:00 – 18:00 daily. Closed when raining. Check the website top page for open or closed if weather is iffy.
Cost: 30 minutes all you can pick and eat, one small container to take home (Elementary and above 1,500 yen, over 4 years to pre-elementary and elderly 1,000 yen, 3 years and under free)
Website: http://www.sayama-sb.com/blueberry

Sayama sign Sayama jam Sayama picnic

Sayama Berry Land, Saitama


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