roppongi nishi park

Roppongi Nishi Park Playground

roppongi-nishi-parkRoppongi Nishi Park (立六本木西公園) is a new playground park nestled in the backstreets of Roppongi between the popular Roppongi Hills Slide Park, Robot Park and Hinokicho Park at Tokyo Midtown. This new sand park is perfect for beginner walkers up to preschool-aged kids. It has a nice open space, various plants and benches surrounding the park, soft green cushioning underneath the main playground equipment to soften falls and exercise equipment for adults. It`s a nice peaceful spot to escape the crowds of other playground parks.

roppongi-nishi-parkA short 2-min walk from Roppongi Station it`s easy to spot with it`s six colorful monuments, open space and views of both Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hills. Stop into Blue Bottle Coffee`s Roppongi Location (3 minute walk), grab a cup of Joe and enjoy watching your little ones roam the newly developed space. It`s also a nice spot to picnic in Spring with their eight Cherry Blossom trees planted along the side of the park.

Roppongi Nishi Park has the following equipment:

– Small playground equipment with slide and climbing nets
– Three child-sized pull up bars
– 1 elephant spring rider
– Balancing equipment
– 4-seat spring rider

roppongi-nishi-park-sculptureRoppongi Nishi Park Playground Details:

7-17-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (港区六本木7-17-8)
Phone: 03-5114-8803
Access: 2 minutes from Roppongi Station on the Hibiya and Oedo Lines.
Notes: Toilet with diaper changing table

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roppongi nishi park roppongi-nishi-park-toilets roppongi-nishi-park-map


Roppongi Nishi Park Playground


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