Rinshi no Mori (Meguro & Shinagawa, Tokyo)- A Beautiful Nature Park

Rinshi no Mori pathsIf you love nature walks, bird watching or insect hunting then Rinshi no Mori (林試の森公園) is the park to visit. The 120,762.91 sq m park is home to several hundred Japanese and foreign trees, some as old as 100+ years! There are a number of walking paths and large signboards indicating the species of wild birds and insects living in the park.

Rinshi no Mori turtles

There are two playgrounds, one catered toward younger children and the other for older children with slides and climbing structures; a small pond where a number of turtles and koi swim; large open spaces for children to run around and walking paths for dog walkers and insect hunters.  You also can enjoy Japanese Radio Calisthenics in the summer months.


Rinshi no Mori Park is beautiful in Autumn, and is also the perfect place to escape the summer heat. The park has a popular splash pond that the kids love, open from July 18 – August 31; 10:00 – 15:00 and has plenty of shade that keeps the leafy park lush, cool and quiet.

Rinshi no Mori pond

History: The park began as the Meguro Experimental Nursery (the Forestry Research station) in 1900. Later it came under the management of the Forestry Agency then was donated to the Tokyo Parks Department. It became a public park in the late `80s and was opened to the public in 1989.

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Rinshi no Mori Park Details

Address: 5 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku (黒区下目5); 2 Koyamadai, Shinagawa-ku (品川小山台2) Google Map
Access: 10 minutes from Musashi-koyama station.
Phone: 03-3792-3800
English Information: http://www.kensetsu.metro.tokyo.jp/content/000007587.pdf

Rinshi no Mori stairs Rinshi no Mori toddler play Rinshi no Mori playground 2 Rinshi no Mori pond viewing area Rinshi no Mori open area with grass Rinshi no Mori splash area bottom


Rinshi no Mori Park, Meguro & Shinagawa


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