Required Japanese Elementary School Items (Shogakko)

Japanese Elementary School (shogakko) begins in a few weeks. Are you prepared? Your elementary will have provided you with a list of items to purchase and label. However, there are a number of items not highlighted that your kids will need daily throughout their years in elementary.

Here are necessary items to purchase for Japanese Elementary (all available on Amazon Japan).

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Indoor Shoes (上履き) 1980 yen – 2754 yen. Every child who attends Japanese Elementary will need a pair of indoor shoes. Amazon has a variety of shoes from the standard white type to more colorful selections. You`ll need to purchase a new one each year as your child will outgrow them quickly. *Note your school may have a specific type or brand to buy. Please contact the school before purchase.

*** Required Japanese Elementary School Items ***

nitoriRandoseru (ランドセル)  5000 yen – 50,000 yen +.  Every elementary school student will carry a randoseru (elementary school back pack) to and from school. You can find them at a number of stores from affordable Nitori to leather manufacturer Tsuchiya, as well as Amazon.

Name Stamp Set (名前スタンプセット) You`ll have to label every item that your child takes to school. This is the easiest and fastest way to mark your child`s belongings: clothes, books, bags, shoes, school accessories, etc. You will need someone who can read Japanese to assist in the ordering process.

*** Required Japanese Elementary School Items ***

Pencil Case (筆箱) 1000 – 2500 JPY  Every Japanese Elementary School student will also need a pencil case to carry their pencils, red pencil, eraser, ruler and name pen. Amazon has a variety from plain to character designed cases.

Child-sized Handkerchief (子供用ハンカチ) Typically 500 yen for 3 or 1000 yen for more popular sets. Paper towels are not used at Japanese schools so your child will have to carry a handkerchief to dry their hands daily. Amazon has a great selection of these 16cm x 16cm handkerchiefs for girls and boys.

*** Required Japanese Elementary School Items ***

japanese kindergarten tissue holderjapanese kindergarten tissuesPocket Tissues
 (キャラクターポケットティッシュ) Typically 590 yen for a pack of 6. Comes in handy for those winter colds or during allergy season. Some kids can be seen with tissue pack holders which clip onto your uniform. My son lost his tissue packs a number of times. These come in handy (Typically 1000 – 2000 yen).

Pianika/Melodica (ピアニカ) 2200 – 6000 yen. Your child will learn to play the Pianika at school. A pianika is a free-reed instrument similar to the blow-organ and harmonica. It has a musical keyboard on top, and is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument. The most popular is the Yamaha Pianika – Amazon 4672 JPY

Pencil Sharpener (鉛筆削り) 400 – 2000 yen. Necessary to have one or two at home as Japanese elementary schools do not use mechanical pencils.

Ruler (助靫) 200 – 600 yen.

*** Required Japanese Elementary School Items ***

Your child will have a lot of writing assignments, and may lose a few of these items during the school year. Here are items to have in stock all with links to Amazon Japan.

Erasers (消しゴム)– Best to stock up as your child will lose a few. We like the Mono brand 10 pc for 376 JPY.

Red Pencil (赤鉛筆) – Both the parent and child will need to correct homework. The Ippo brand works well. 12pc for 518 JPY

Pencils (鉛筆)– Our school recommended using 2B pencils. 2B are middle grade pencils so you`ll have dark lines and the pencil will retain it`s point fairly well. We use the Pallete 2B  12pc for 473 JPY

Glue (液体のり) – Liquid Glue. 3 pack for 394 JPY

A number of the items above can be found at the Japanese 100 yen shops as well as bookstores. What does your Japanese Elementary School require? Please leave a comment below.


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Required Japanese Elementary School Items (Shogakko)


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  1. Gym and shoe bags, washable face mask for serving

  2. OMG! Did you have these items handmade in Hokkaido for the prices your listing?
    Have you not heard of the ¥shop?
    About the indoor shoes… many schools require matching shoes for their students, so getting a random pair off Amazon is just throwing away money.

    • Hi James, these are items that are available on Amazon Japan for busy parents who prefer online delivery – they are not handmade. We also noted at the end of the post that some of the items can be found at the 100 yen shop.
      Thank you for your comment on matching indoor shoes. Our public school does not require matching shoes. We have edited the post to reflect your comment. – Sandra

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