renewing a japanese passport

Renewing a Japanese Passport for Your Child

Here is information on where to go, what to bring and how to renew a Japanese passport.  If you are renewing a Japanese Passport (5 yr, 10 yr, 15 yr) for your child, follow these simple steps. If you are applying for a Japanese passport for the first time for your baby or child, read our guide on how to get a Japanese passport for your newborn.

There are 4 Japanese Passport offices in the Tokyo area. Please locate the office closest to you.

1) Metropolitan Government Building Citizens Square 1st Fl (都庁都民広場地下1階 )
2-8-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku (宿区西新宿2-8-1)
Access: Shinjuku Station: The West Exit just west of Keio Plaza Hotel

2) Tokyo Traffic Hall 2nd floor (東京交通会館2階)
2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku (千代田区有楽町2-10-1)
Access: Yurakucho Station: The Kyobashi Exit; there is also good public parking under the building

3) Sunshine City World Import Mart 5th Floor (サンシャインシティ内 ワールドインポートマート5階 )
3-1-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toyoshimaku (豊島区東池袋3-1-3)
Access: Ikebukuro Station: The East Exit

4) Lumina Tachikawa 9th Floor (ルミネ立川店9階)
2-1-1 Akebonocho, Tachikawa-shi (立川市曙町2-1-1)
Access: Tachikawa Station: 9th floor of the Lumine/Station Building

Items to take with you when Renewing a Japanese Passport for Your Child:

– Application form (can be obtained from your local ward office)
– Child`s Passport
* If your child`s passport has expired, take an official copy of your Koseki Tohon (family registry) from your ward or city office.
– A passport-sized (45x35mm) photo of your child (taken within 6 months of application).
– Personal ID card
– Proof of address

The Application form that you will have to fill out.

japanese passport form

Jpn Passport App Form 2.JPG

Renewing a Japanese Passport

Yurakucho passport agencyDocuments are to be submitted to the passport agency. You do not need to take your child to submit the paperwork. However you must bring your child to obtain the new passport.

There are two photo service shops outside the passport agency in Yurakucho. If you take your child`s photo at one of the offices they will bring you the photo while you are filling out paperwork or waiting in line at the passport agency.

Japanese passport receiptProcessing takes one week. Children’s passports are valid for 5 years until the age of 20. Once your child turns 20 they can then apply for a 10-yr passport. The cost of a 5-year passport is 6,000 yen. Payment must be made in yen at the payment office which will be reflected in a printout on your receipt and in the form of a 4,000 yen stamp.


Japanese Passport Information (in Japanese)

FAQs about Kids with Dual-Citizenship and Passports

  1. Does a child have to choose Japanese or second citizenship by a certain age? The Japanese government would like dual-citizen children to choose one nationality by age 22. However, there is no law that states this is mandatory, nor is there any legal action that can be taken.

2. What is the best way to use dual passports when traveling? Our children leave and enter Japan using their Japanese passport. They enter the USA and exit the USA using their USA passport.

3. Can you apply for a Japanese passport overseas? Yes, you may apply for Japanese passports at consulates abroad. From my personal experience, the process is similar to executing in-country but the time to receive takes 4-6 weeks.

4. Can my child have three names on the passport – first, middle and last? Yes, three names are possible. However, it is easier if the child has their second passport completed with the names desired. Bring this passport with you to show that you want the three names similar to their foreign country passport. For some reason, this makes the conversation go more smoothly.

5. If my child is born in Japan can we get a Japanese passport? Japanese passports are only provided to children who are born to parents where both or one are Japanese citizens. If the child is born in Japan but to parents who are not Japanese the child will not be eligible to get a Japanese passport.

6. Until what age can my child apply for a Japanese passport? The age is 18 years.


Renewing a Japanese Passport



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  1. Two of our children had their passports as babies, but they are now outdated and our third was born in America. Our oldest child is now 20 and had a passport as a baby. We no longer have family living in Japan and do have copies of the old koseki tohon, but the consulate said that they had to be within 90 days of applying. What other options do we have. Can we order a koseki tohon from a different ward office in another city?

    • Since you or your husband (or both) are Japanese nationals (you must have been for your children to get their JP passports) you are probably still registered with the location on your koseki tohan. Find that city or ward office online and contact them to check next steps. It might be best if the entire family came back for 3-4 weeks and sorted the passports out. JP passports are usually ready in 1-2 weeks from my experience, but much easier to do when in country.

  2. I am a japanese citizen deported last year from philippines to japan. Then my passport is expired. I want to get a new passport how much would i pay? I stay 26 years in philippines?

  3. Does japanese embassy in phillipines have a interpreter because i dont know how to write kanji and i need to renew my daughters passport

    • Hello Steff, I would assume that the Japanese embassy in Manila has people who can help you will translation of names from Roman Characters to Japanese.

  4. Very helpful…..Thank-you very much for posting.

  5. Hi, is there anywhere that i may download the passport renewal form online?

  6. Ohayou gosaimasu .. do I have to get a new Koseki Tohon to renew my sons passport japanese .. the old koseki tohon can’t use it? Thank you ????

  7. is it possible not to bring with me my old passport? when renewing a new passport?

  8. (Question, not replying)


    I’ve read dual citizenship holders of US/Jp claim they use JP passport when leaving/entering Japan (likewise for US).
    Pardon my ignorance but that’s assuming they’re traveling to another country isn’t it?
    How does that work when they travel to US Japan?
    Which one do they actually use?

    My son’s Au/Jp citizen holder, by the way.

    Thanks in advance.
    Very informative website!


    • Hi Japnoz, JP passport when leaving/entering Japan (but US when going to US) and US passport when entering/leaving the US. -Sandra

      • Thanks Sandra, that was my original question tho.

        • Hi Japnoz, I apologize. If you`re asking which passport your son should use when traveling to the US then back to Japan it`s up to you. The US allows both AU & Japan passport holders visits up to 90 days without obtaining a visa. Use one AU/Japanese passport when entering-leaving the US then Japan passport when reentering Japan.

  9. Thank you for this article, it’s very helpful! By the way, what is the passport application form called in Japanese please? Thank you!

  10. Hi i want to ask, if my japanese sons passport expired do i need a previous koseki tohon? even we stay here in the philippines for a long time? i just want to renew it so he can go back to japan, im just holding old koseki tohon and his bostecho. Because of running away from my sadist husband i cant get any new documents of my son.

  11. hi im aya adachi,im overstay here in philippines for and i want to go back to japan but my passport is already expired for almost 14 years.what should i do to go back in japan , as well as how much do i pay for the fine for overstaying ? and how much is the ticket? thank you so much

  12. At what age can Japanese citizens obtain their passport by themselves? If a parent must accompany them, then can it be the non-Japanese parent? Japanese parent is debilitated.

  13. is there a way to have a fast processing of the passport? Because i need to leave Japan in a week and if it takes a week for me to get my new passport i wont be able to leave. My passport will expire on nov 2018

    • Hi Rina, Some embassies have emergency assistance for passport renewal and lost passports. Please check with your embassy on their policies. good luck! Lauren

  14. Hi good afternoon I just want to ask if you have any idea how long is the duration before an unclaimed new passport of my child be expired?

    Is it three or six months?

    Thank you..

  15. By the way we live in Philippines and applied passport in Japanese Embassy in Manila..

  16. Cara Phillips

    Thank you so much! You are a great resource!

  17. Hi,

    My son’s passport will expire in Feb 2022. I have Hong kong residence and thus can get a dependent visa for him, but in order for this, he has to be present in HK to get it. Though no actual laws but it is given that this time he could get a 3 year visa but due to the passport due date, he cannot get it and since I cannot go back till Mar, he can only get 1 year visa as the passport would expire before the valid date.
    All this I have another daughter whose passport would not expire till 2024 so all is well for her and she could get 3 years, but my son can only get 1 year and thus in the future I have to bring them back to HK for the visa extension all in different time due to the different validity date. I’ve tried to explain the situation to the city office and they cannot help me. Worst is knowing other countries would understand and allowed the renewal even though it has over 2 years of validity eg, UK, France .
    Any one with any suggestions or is JP really that difficult for change and exceptions !
    If someone can explain why they are so strict about it, at least then I can try to be understanding, but I cannot help but feel that the higher ups doesn’t want to make exceptions unless it’s one of the LIST of exceptions already listed and so should not even be considered .

    • Hi Kit, Japan authorizes are very strict on passport renewals. One option would be to “lose” your sons passport and then have it reissued. I think that way he would have a longer term.

      • thanks, I was told about that too. ahh, I just feel I need to vent about it. Not sure if I could cause i’ve been to the city office twice and the exact same lady there so she definitely recognise me by now, I think she’s the only one dealing with passport renewal ( small town ). Thanks for the idea and thought. Kit

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