Rainy Days in Tokyo with Kids

Don`t let the rain stop you from exploring these great Tokyo Indoor facilities for babies to teens. Here are our Top Recommended places to visit on Rainy Days in Tokyo with Kids. Each have been tried and tested by Best Living Japan Parents. If you are traveling in Tokyo with kids, these playrooms are a great place to relax and meet some local moms for insights into where to go next!  Do you have one to recommend? Please leave a comment below.



Rainy Days in Tokyo with Kids

Tokyo with kids, Indoor Tokyo Playcenters
Tokyo with kids, Indoor Tokyo Playcenters

Tokyo with kids, Indoor Tokyo Playcenters

1. Top Recommended Tokyo Indoor Playcenters – We`ve listed our top 15+ recommended playcenters for babies to teens; places from fun building Tokyo Legoland to physically active Trampoland to getting paid for your work at Kidzania. Select a spot and let us know what you think!

Space Athletic Tondemi Space Athletic Tondemi, Tokyo with kids Space Athletic Tondemi, Tokyo with kids

VR Park Tokyo Shibuya, Tokyo with kids2. Our two favorite virtual reality spots in Tokyo are Shibuya VR Park and Shinjuku Tokyo Circus. Great for kids 8+. Best to buy tickets online to skip the wait.  Make sure to wear comfortable layered clothing and sneakers.


3. Sports Amusement Spots in the greater Tokyo area If you have elementary and above kids in the Tokyo area, they will love the Top Tokyo Area Adventure Sports and Activity Centers listed below. We have visited all of these Adventure Sports and Activity Centers and give the moms thumbs up for quality and value. You could also leave the kids at home and climb the walls with your significant other!  Space Athletic Tondemi ranks at the top of our sports amusements spots followed by Round 1,  Mega Toyota racing, and so much more.  

SC Maglev and Railway Park, Tokyo with kids  

4. Top Train and Railway Museums in Japan – These railway museums are great for your train enthusiasts. #3 – 5 are in or close to Tokyo. To help you discover and explore a few of the amazing trains Japanese engineering has produced throughout the years we`ve listed a few of our favorites. Explore the interiors of the historical train cars, view the antique collections, learn the mechanisms of the rails, test your skills with train driving simulators and play with interactive exhibits. These museums are a great place to visit for families and railway enthusiasts rain or shine.

Tokyo Water Science Museum, Tokyo with kids  Tokyo with kids

*** Rainy Days in Tokyo with Kids ***

5. Tokyo Kids Museums – There is a museum listed here for everyones interest from history and architecture to science and tech. Have fun! If you are looking for top Tokyo mom recommend exhibits happening now check here. 

Sunshine Aquarium, Ikebukuro, Best Living Japan, Tokyo with kids Tokyo Sea Life Park, Tokyo aquariums, Tokyo with kids

6. Visit an Aquarium: Here are a few of our favorites.
Sunshine Aquarium, Ikebukuro;
Sumida Aquarium, Tokyo Sky Tree;
Shinagawa Aquarium, Shinagawa;
Tokyo Sea Life Park, Edogawa-ku;

*** Rainy Days in Tokyo with Kids ***

All day home, tokyo with kids  

7. Top Tokyo Restaurants with Play Areas – babies and kids (0-6 yrs) –

Here are our Top baby & kid-friendly Tokyo restaurants with play areas for ages 0 – 6 years. We have personally visited each restaurant and recommend them to all our friends. Looking for a great spot to sit back and relax in Tokyo while the kids play? The temperatures are dropping and poor weather can make any family stuck indoors for too long scramble to the nearest cafe with a play space.

*** Rainy Days in Tokyo with Kids ***

Tokyo water bus, odaiba, Tokyo with kids  odaiba with kids

Decorated Umbrella, Tokyo with kids

8. Stuck at home and kids climbing the walls? Read our Typhoon/Rainy Day Activities with Kids with 25 Activities to Survive the Storm as a Happy Family.

9. Visit our Tokyo One Day Itinerary with Kids in Odaiba with lots of indoor options to choose from. 


10. Spend some time at Haneda Airport with our Top 10 Things to do with Kids; racing cars, flight simulators and shopping oh my!

100 Things To Do With Kids in Tokyo

Rainy Days in Tokyo with Kids

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  1. Another fun museum with kids is the following: TOKYO TRICK ART MUSEUM, デックス東京ビーチアイランドモール 1 Chome-1-6-1 Daiba, 港区 Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 135-0091

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