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Textile & Fiber Art Classes

  • Indigo Prints - Best Living Japan

    Intro to Aizome: Resist & Tying

    Date and Time :2021-11-30 09:15 To 2021-11-30 11:45 Price : ¥7,500

    Itajime Shibori with Aizome is a traditional handicraft using a shape-resist technique to produce patterns on the fabric. Class on 11/30

  • Textile Embellishment Workshop

    Textile Embellishment Class

    Date and Time :2021-12-13 01:30 To 2021-12-13 03:30 Price : ¥6,500

    Learn the skills of textile embellishment to reinvigorate an old pair of denim, a favorite blouse, or beloved scarf in the workshop dedicated to enhancing textiles. Class 12/13.


  • Indigo – Aizome Level II: Needles & Stitchwork

    Date and Time :2021-11-17 09:15 To 2021-11-17 11:45 Price : ¥7,500

    We will learn various Japanese stitching techniques which work as a resist when the fabric is dyed. We will work on a large piece of 100% linen cut into sections to allow for multiple practice patterns. Classes 10/21 and 11/17.


  • Indigo Prints - Best Living Japan

    Join the Tokyo Advanced Indigo Dyeing Aizome Class to learn about Japanese Indigo and create your original design on linen. We will use a washi glue resist to create the designs and then dye the fabric in indigo.  Classes on 10/26 and 12/2.


  • Tokyo Indigo Dyeing Classes

    Private Indigo Dyeing Party (invitation)

    Date and Time :2021-11-05 13:00 To 2021-11-05 16:00 Price : ¥7,000

    Private Indigo Party for Groups of 6-10. Students will be provided with a 1-meter long piece of linen to dye.  The linen can be used for artwork, a table runner, napkins and more.

    Enjoy the studio all to yourselves. You are free to bring beverages and food (although food must be eaten before indigo dyeing begins).

    Please contact to arrange a party.