Premarché Gelateria Nakameguro

Premarché Gelateria (Nakameguro, Tokyo) – 40 flavors of Dairy Free Gelato

Premarché Gelateria is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary this month (July 2021) stop in to enjoy the 40 different flavors of vegan, dairy or dairy-free gelato. The 40 flavors of tasty gelato made from natural ingredients without additives. The shop lets you taste up to 3 flavors before you decide. Have your ice cream in a cup or in a mochi waffle cone made from rice. Organic nuts and dried fruits buffet available for 300 yen. Eat in or take out.

Premarché Gelateria has two additional branches in Kyoto; The Kyoto Sanjo Main Store (carries 46 flavors) and the Kyoto Kitayama (carries 20 flavors).

Premarché Gelateria  Premarché Gelateria Nakameguro Premarché Gelateria gelato

Premarché Gelateria Nakameguro, 40 flavors of Vegan, Dairy or Dairy Free Gelato

Flavor List:

☆ Premium Flavor

Milk Based Gelato (Milk from Hokkaido with fresh cream)

  • European Rich Espresso
  • Special Sicilian Pistachio ☆
  • Sesame Blend & Sunflower Honey
  • Belgium Dark Cacao & Chocolate
  • Uganda’s Fair Trade Vanilla
  • Uji Matcha & Organic Green Tea
  • Homemade Rum & Organic Raisin
  • Milky Strawberry & Sunflower Honey
  • Acai Berry & Banana Passion
  • Tofu Treasure
  • Real Indian Masala Chai

Milk free (No dairy products but tastes like milk!)

  • Mount Fuji: Japanese Chestnuts ☆
  • Mellow Roasted Green Tea ☆
  • Baked Sweet Potato ☆
  • White Bean Panna Cotta ☆

Sorbets (Freshly made by ONLY fruit and sugar. No oil and dairy products.)

  • [limited flavor] “Yuzu” Japanese Citron from Oita Pref.
  • [limited flavor] Peach Sorbet
  • [limited flavor] French Myrtille
  • Mango Orange & Honey
  • Black Currant & Honey
  • Italian Organic Lemon & Honey
  • Costa Rican Pineapple & Honey
  • Strawberry & Honey

Pure Vegan (no honey)

  • [limited flavor] Ume Sorbet: Japanese Plum From Kishu – Wakayama pref. ☆
  • “The Ninja” Traditional Ninja Food ☆
  • Kyoto White Miso – Vegan Cheese – ☆
  • Finest Sicilian Pistachio ☆
  • Belgium Chocolate with Dutch Cacao ☆
  • Okinawa Organic Brown Sugar and Organic Kinako (Roasted soy flour) ☆
  • “Zen” Milky Fresh Yuba (Japanese traditional Tofu skin) ☆
  • 【100% Rice Made】 Roasted Brown Rice Caramel ☆
  • 【100% Rice Made】 Milky & Dreamy Rice ☆
  • Royal Organic Coconuts Thai Style ☆
  • Organic Uji Matcha & Ume ☆
  • Hokkaido Tomato Sorbet
  • New Zealand Kiwi Sorbet
  • Japanese prune & Islamic date for your wellness
  • Kingdom of Tropical Magic ~ date, macadamia nuts & coffee ~ ☆
  • Marriage of Belgian chocolate with organic spearmint ☆
  • The Wonder of Organic Spanish Olive Oil and Organic Almond ☆
  • French Highest Grade Chocolate Sorbet (For here only, single cup only) 800 YEN

Premarché Gelateria sign

Premarché Gelateria プレマルシェ・ジェラテリア Nakameguro Details:

Address: 2-9-36 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6303-0141
Shop Hours: Sunday – Wednesday 12:00 – 21:00; Closed Thursdays;  Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 22:00
Access: Less than a 1 minute walk from Nakameguro Station (Tokyu Toyoko & Hibiya lines)

Premarché Gelateria insta Premarché Gelateria bar


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Premarché Gelateria プレマルシェ・ジェラテリアNakameguro


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