Platinum Don Quijote (Shirokanedai, Tokyo) – Open 24 Hours

Platinum Don Quijote BestLivingJapanA new Don Quijote has opened on Platinum Dori in Shirokanedai, Minato-ku (プラチナドンキホーテ) – Platinum Don Quijote. It replaced the old Tokyo Supermarket. Biked over today to check it out since my neighbours were all taking about it. Like most Don Quijotes it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The second floor also has free parking right now so very convenient if you are a driver.

The format is a little smaller than some other Don Quijote stores I have been to, however, the Platinum Don Quijote seemed to be more cleanly laid out. Also the focus seems to be more on food, home goods and health & beauty. Did not see pets, toys or holiday goods.

Platinum Don Quijote BestLivingJapan

I was most impressed with the food selection at the Platinum Don Quijote. There is a full meat department, dairy and a good selection of vegetable and dry goods. The meat department offers a wide selection of Japanese beef cut to order. As in most Don Quijote, they have all the latest Platinum Don Quijote BestLivingJapandomestic sweets and chips. This store also has a good alcohol section with ice and fresh lemons and limes if you need them in a pinch!

Don Quijote is also a great place to buy presents for folks overseas from Japanese knives to tea flavor sweets.

Good shopping option if 24 hour Hamamasa and SeijoIshi aren’t meeting your needs. Great for midnight runs for milk, diapers and beer.  Take a field trip to the new Platinum Don Quijote. It is a 2 min walk from Shirogane station on the Mita and Namboku lines, or 10 min walk from Meguro JR station.  Good to see Don Quijote continuing to innovate. Platinum Don Quijote BestLivingJapan

Platinum Don Quijote BestLivingJapan

Platinum Don Quijote Shirokanedai Details


Address:  3-15-5 Shirokanedai, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5447-6921
Business hours: Open 24 hours everyday
Access: 2 min walk from Shirogane station
We love buying meat at Don Quijote in Shirogane, but our go to for fish is Sakana Bacca in Naka Meguro.
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