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Plant Based Cooking Classes

Would you like to have more energy, feel younger, recover better, reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases? Try one of our Plant Based Cooking Classes. Have an overall healthier lifestyle which is environmentally friendly and kinder to the planet, but always thought this is too complicated, not tasty and the kids will not like it? Come and join me on an adventure and let me help you show how a whole food plant based diet can be easy, fun and tasty for your family here in Japan.  All Plant Based Cooking Classes are 7,500 JP + 8% JP consumption tax, and include lunch. Click here for discount voucher information. Best Living Japan offers cooking, lifestyle, and crafting classes every day. Click here for August-December 2018 courses.

2018 September-December Plant Based

Cooking Classes

Plant Based Cooking Classes, Tokyo, Best Living Japan ClassesTUES. November 6


Plant based – Delicious, colourful and easy dinner bowls

Menu: 3 types of bowls to make in less than 30 min

Learn how to create a healthy and quick dinner with 4 or 5 ingredients or even left overs.

Plant Based Cooking Classes, Tokyo, Best Living Japan ClassesTUES. November 27 


Plant based – Burgers & Burritos

Menu: Burgers and burritos for kids and adults

2018 September-December Plant Based Cooking Classes

Teacher Introduction

Plant based cooking tokyo, Raquel Faria e MaiaMs.Raquel Faria e Maia: I am a Portuguese mother of 3 boys and I have been living abroad for more than 16 years. As all mothers, I was always careful about food and what is the best to give to my kids. About 1 year ago I enrolled in a Health Coach course and that changed my life. I adopted a plant-based diet for me and all my family and the experience has been great. Learning how to cook a variety of recipes with many different ingredients has made cooking more enjoyable and fun! Almost every day we try new recipes, some better than others, but the result is very positive. My kids are eating well and not complaining about it and I know that at least at home they are getting most of the nutrients that they need to grow in a healthy way. With my health coach course, I am happy helping other people to get healthier and feeling better and sometimes to reach what they can’t reach by themselves.

Website: http://www.raquelfmaia.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Raquel-FMaia

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