Pizza Slice (Shibuya & Omotesando) – NY Style Pizza Sold by the Slice

Pizza Slice (ピザ スライス) serves two rarities in Tokyo – authentic New York Style Pizza, and pizza sold by the slice. Located on the cozy backstreets of Sarugakuchou, and Omotesando, this lofty, white tiled venue furnished with long wood open style tables, and smaller tables for more private seating, serves a variety of pizza on thin crispy crusts with just the right amount of mozzarella cheese.

Pizza Slice bakes a variety of 20 inch pies, sliced into eight crunchy pieces daily. Their mains are cheese, pepperoni, italian sausage, mushroom, jalapeño, anchovy and home made meatball pizza slices served on paper plates with a variety of condiments at the table that makes you feel like you`re right in the heart of Brooklyn.

Pizza Slice OliveOur kids love the cheese (390 yen) and sausage (500 yen) pizzas. Hubby and I have tossed around the pepperoni (500 yen), anchiovy and olive (500 yen) and jalapeño varieties (500 yen). The jalapeños were minimal, but all were deliciously crunchy. Their garlic knots (200 yen) crunchy on the outside and buttery on the inside.

Pizza Slice, Shibuya - Pipping Hot NYC Pizza!Pizza Slice also offers a popular lunch deal that includes two slices and a drink for about 1,000 yen. Order your meal at the front (cash only) then wait at your table for your slice. Take out and spirits are also available.

– They will slice a slice in half for little ones. Just ask.
– Pet-friendly
– No diaper changing table

Pizza Slice, Shibuya Details

Pizza Slice lightAddress: 1-3 Sarugakuchou, Shibuya, Tokyo (東京都渋谷区猿楽町 1-3 代官山上新ビル1F)
Hours: Daily 11:00 – 23:00
Phone: 03-5428-5166
Access: A 10 min walk from Shibuya Station

Pizza Slice 2, Omotesando Details

Address: 3-14-17 Minamiaoyama Minato Tokyo (東京都 港区 南青山 3-14-17)
Hours: Daily 11:30 – 23:00
Phone: 03-5413-4956
Access: A 3 min walk from Omotesando Station exit A5

Pizza Slice kids Pizza Slice kidPizza Slice cheese & sausagePizza Slice bikePizza Slice, Shibuya - Pipping Hot NYC Pizza! Pizza Slice, Shibuya - Pipping Hot NYC Pizza!





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  1. This is my absolute favourite pizza place in Tokyo. As a New Yorker at heart (8 years in NYC before coming to Tokyo, and many years in NYC-adjacent New Jersey) I think this place really captures the authentic spirit of a New York Pizzeria. That said, expect great New York Pizza, which is to say, not gourmet pizza but a hearty slice with some grease on top. The slices fold in half well and taste great.

    I think they imported their pizza overs from New York; I’ve never seen those big metal monsters anywhere else.

    • Thanks for your comment, Dave. We absolutely agree! It`s our favourite NY-style pizza place as well.

    • It’s true . I grew up in New Jersey and spent my life working in Manhattan so I probably ate 2 million slices of pizza in my life and so I know what I’m tawkin bout!
      As soon as I saw the slices and the bottles of garlic powder and oregano that you only see in the New York area I knew this looked good . And it tasted like real New York pizza . Not Italian pizza or pizza from California or that cake they make in Chicago. This was the real deal . I understand the owner worked a pizza place in Brooklyn. But I swear I could have been on 8th Avenue in Manhattan or Anderson Avenue in Cliffside Park NJ where I grew up

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